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Don’t take bath during menses/periods, consume hot turmeric milk.White sesame’s paste (til) and 2 fistful wheat’s paste that has been soaked overnight, cook and have it to cure menses pain via naturopathy. Wrap woollen cloth over damp towel on your tummy thrice a day for 30 minutes. Order ‘salaaki set’ for terminating body pain during menses which is a panacea of Naturopathy.

Height hormones can be triggered by adding mix juice of tomato, beetroot and carrot in daily routine as per Health tips.

Ayurveda has solution for cervical. Cervical pain is tamed by drinking cow’s ghee in milk,half spoon methi powder twice a day and taking warmth of damped towel soaked in hot mixture of water, salt and alum on neck. While taking bath, slap on your neck’s back with hand to kick the bloodflow rapidly then, pour cold water there and again, slap there.Repeat it three times while bathing.

Get Ayurvedic treatment for urination problem. Swallow 2 spoons of gokuru powder everyday for getting rid of frequent urination problem.

Ayurveda suggest solution for skin problems. Mask your face with the paste of honey and roasted turmeric for 15 minutes and then wash it with rose water to make the skin pores shrunk.

As per Ayurveda, Hepatitis B & C patient’s should include vedic amrit, honey with bhura and buttermilk with half spoon turmeric in their diet for avoiding frequent excretion.

Do Abha-mandal yoga and the yoga of laying straight on the ground then, bringing your legs at the angle of 90 degrees slowly while inhaling and put it down while exhaling for correcting navel displacement problem.

Drink Dhania (coriander seed) water twice a day and have vedic amrit for weight loss, swelling in thyroid. Drink milk boiled with 1Chhuara,1 khajur, 7/8 resins.

As per Ayurvedic treatment, hot water after meal and half spoon methi powder with hot water ought to be taken for curing constipation and irregular digestion. Half spoon of dalchini powder, turmeric milk and salaaki set would control risen uric and cholesterol level according to Ayurveda.

As per Health tips, Swallow 1 spoon Ajwain twice a day, have buttermilk with half spoon of turmeric in it and prohibit sweet for getting relief in itching. Vedic amrit for diabetic patients works wonder. Soak 100 g of tulsi dal and 100g of barley in 2 kg water at night, boil it till it remains half then, eat it to stop further enhancement of gall bladder stone.