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The inter connection among human beings, planets, flora and fauna existing in this universe, the erudite ‘top astrologer’ Mr. P.K.Sarna states that ‘Vedic astrology’ is related to this mankind, planets and all heavenly bodies.

What is Astrology? The meaning of astrology can be derived via its classification. It is classified into three parts which are named as ‘Siddhant’ (related to celestial science), ‘Sahita’ (related to earthly matters) and ‘hora’ (connected to man). Likewise, ‘Astrology’ can also be divided into three segments, i.e. essential, non-essential and semi-essential from which ‘essential’ part requires cooperation while non-essential is comprised of daily activities and finally, semi-essential astrology includes those things which we consider fruitful and beneficial for the whole world.

‘Vedic astrologer’ P.K.Sarna again clarifies that ocean is affected by moon. The present ratio of salt and water in Arabian Sea is similar to that of the ratio of salt and water present in the body of developing baby. It indicates the clear link between various planets and human being. This ‘top astrologer’ informs that seasons, diseases and various revolution in them are manifested at the interval of 10 to 11 years repeatedly and this interval belongs to the period of explosions those would take place on the surface of the sun during same interval. America’s renowned scientist Mr. ‘Douglas’ has proven this fact via an example of the trees those develop thick rim or shield around their bark and leaves to cope up with the ill effects of ultraviolet rays of the sun during sun changes at sun’s surface.

Another historical king ‘Pharaoh ’of Egypt revealed through the reference of the research conducted by his scientists that the water level of Nile river keeps on decreasing and increasing during 90 years from which the former half, i.e. 45 years, is dedicated to the flourishing age of the sun whereas the latter half confirms the maturity period of it. The children who take birth during the first half period of sun’s life their development does not get accomplished and hence, they are considered as unfortunate whereas those whose birth takes place in the second half of sun’s maturity period, their destiny is always flourishing and full of prosperity, name and fame.

– The ‘Vedic astrologer’ Mr. P.K.Sarna is a renowned ‘best astrologer’ who conveys the best possible solutions for the queries relating to ‘Vedic astrology’. The first problem belongs to an aspiring and struggling actor who wants to soar high in his acting career for which his wife and family have shown ‘green signal’ to support him completely. His date of birth is 5/2/76 and birth time is 12:26 p.m. in Mumbai.

His lagan is mesh which keeps on accelerating aggression while his lagnesh is in 2nd house which confirms the riches, fame and luxuries in his life.
But Ketu in the house of lagan is creating suspicion. Brihaspati is in its own house that is fine but the state of shani in Shukra is the main reason of conceiving worries.
Do puja of Shukra to make it settled.
Wear rudraksha of 3, 5, 6 and 11 mukhi in red thread and Neelam also for enjoying great and successful film career. This is the perfect time to take risk via accepting challenging role.
Mix roasted flour with fine sugar and serve it to the ants every day or every Saturday.
– Elaborate the role of ‘Palmistry’ and spot on palm.

Spot on palm line is a warning sign of befalling the victim of health diseases.
Spot on graha cheers good luck and is very effective from prosperity and fame’s point of view.
Spot on fingers is quite good but less effective.
Spot on the line of Brihaspati points towards unlimited wealth, wisdom, honor and self dependency in destiny.
Spot on the line of Shani indicates riches along with the bad habit of indulging in theft. Such people should take preventive cautions from fire and the dream of being stung by snake or may be in reality always create danger for them.
Spot on Surya line signifies late arrival of fame but will surely get it. They would have tendency to write books which would definitely result in infinite profit, esteem and prestigious honor after facing struggle and bad name.
– An NRI Paramdeep has ventured into entertainment business along with the ownership of a restaurant. His date of birth is 6/12/49 and birth timing is 21:20 in New Delhi. The ‘best astrologer’ Mr. P.K. Sarna states his views on his career, financial status and married life.

His lagan is Kark which increases dilemma. So, be calm and don’t fall as the prey of Dilemma and depression.
His lagnesh is in 12th house and the prevailing state points Buddha in the house of Chandra which is good for him.
But the 5th and 12th star of Buddha are creating negativity in his career and married life.
The state of Brihaspati along with Shukra is of ‘Neech’ which depicts mixed response on financial ground and profit.
Wearing a watch would be beneficial for gaining extreme profits.
Don’t wear panna.
The Buddha in Buddha star is the matter of worry. So, follow puja of Buddha graha and utter the hymns or mantra of Buddha.
The state of shani in 7th and 8th house confirms explosive boom of profit but wrong decisions and the state of shani will consume profit along with the invested capital.
– Prashna kundli can be made in the absence of original kundli on the basis of the number being asked by the ‘best astrologer’ Mr. P.K.Sarna for the solution of only major problem.

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