Weight loss Tips | Blood Pressure | Asthma

For the problem of Hernia, apply fuller’s earth (multani mitti) paste on your stomach. Also, tie water soaked cloth on your stomach.

For Asthma patients, put one drop of Aakh’s milk on jaggery (gur) and eat that jaggery before the sun rises on the first day. On second day, add two drops, thereafter, three drops on the jaggery. Repeat this for seven days and then stop this procedure for one month. After that month, start this procedure again but if you are a diabetic patient then avoid the jaggery.Asthma patients ought to take ginger water steam and drink apple juice. There could be a possibility of vomiting but its results are very effective on Asthma patients.

To tighten your breast, apply paste of fuller’s earth, turmeric and honey on breast.

As per weight loss tips, add 4-5 lemons juice in warm water and drink it for five days and then, leave for 2 days. Then again start drinking it for 5 days and repeat this process for 15 days. Also, drink white pumpkin juice and tie water soaked cloth around stomach according to weight loss tips. You ought to apply fuller’s earth (multani mitti) on your stomach. Avoid freezer item, sugar, fried food, pickle and spices as it will better weight loss tips.

In case of any kind of allergy, drink apple juice, aesofetida and cumin butter milk.

For urine related problem, eat one teaspoon honey before and after meal and have buttermilk mixed with aesofetida and cumin. Eat chapattis made from wheat, gram and barley flour for eliimnating blood pressure problem.

For the problem of blood pressure, add lemon juice to cold water and drink that. Eat ¼ tablespoon cinnamon 2 times a day for keeping blood pressure smooth & proper. Drink buttermilk mixed with aesofetida and cumin powder for both blood pressure and constipation. Apply mustard oil on your navel and eat grapes or drink grapes juice, this will help in constipation problems.