Vastu Tips to Reduce Stress

“Stress can be reduced without revamping your house & the ways to get rid of vaastu deects” is the theme of the bradcasting video. As per vastu tips of the show, the students should study in the auspicious room facing north or northeast for sharpening their skills and enhancing focus. Study room should be established separately. Study while facing towards either east or north in case of lacking amenity of delicate separate study room since these two directions provide prosper way to learn and impart positive energy as well; Don’t leave the books opened and avoid studying while sitting under beam. Such practices avoid confusion in mind. According to vaastu norms, the picture portraying mountains without any vision of water in it is considered auspicious to be adorned in southwest wall of the house. ‘Tip of the show’ conveys how vaastu averts diseases. For avoiding any chance of being hit by any disease, light the northeast portion of the house and avoid keeping it dark at any moment. Switch on a yellow light in the northeast corner of your house for ensuring maximum utilization of energy dispersing from this part. Insure southeast corner of your house under harmony; mop the floor with sea-salt water & place two balls of ‘rose quartz crystal’ for settling tiffs and disputes between the married couple. Extension of southeast in vastu depicts vastu defect which leads to litigation, theft, rousing of fire and conflicts. Install nine carling stone in southeast; apply red paint on wall and fix a ‘silver swastik’ outside the door for getting off the adverse impact of extended southeast. Master bedroom in northwest is another vastu defect against which the inmate should apply pure white paint on the wall. Keep sea -salt and betal plant in the toilet at the corner of northeast. As per suggestion of vastu expert, utilize live vastu from where positive vibes take their birth in order to be entertained with their maximum benefits. For assuring selection in interview, come out throught the gate of north or northeast and shift the sources of water from south or southwest. Keep your main door adorned usually which we often miss to do; de-clutter your house by flinging out the junks, damaged and discarded goods; burn sandalwood incense sticks in the evening for wringing out the negative vibes. Unrefined salt is called sea-salt. Keeping 1 kg sea-salt in the room of a patient ensures fast recovery and by keeping it in bed-room, you can avert restlessness. Therefore, wipe the floor of your house with the water in which it should be dissolved for scattering auspiciousness.

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