Vastu Tips to Decorate your Home

Everyone fears from negative aura that it may not engulf your house. It is supposed to be inauspicious to welcome your luck by hanging a mask of a devil covered with charcoal layer on the front wall of the house. Use \’Swastik\’ to serve the same purpose for eliminating negative aura. Use compass to know the exact location of the room. Confidence makes you enable conquering any battle. Study in the room located at northeast for enhancing concentration while facing east and there should have wall at the back when you study. Books should be kept in arranged form instead of lying scattered here and there. This will emphasis no stress upon your mind and place an Amethyst stone on the study table. There are many unfamiliar species of stone which play vital role in vastu. Southwest is the better location for saving money in the north facing house. It is believed that saving 1/10th of the total income increases savings since this tendency appeases goddess Mahalakshmi. So, save at least 10 percent which minimum basic sum in an earthen chest or treasure box kept in southwest as per Vastu directions. Rudraksha is a vastu element which is found from 1 to 21 faces, such as shiv-parvati rudraksh. Hang a dus-mukhi rudraksha at the centre of the house since it balances all ten direction according to vastu norms. Hence, all vastu defects get corrected automatically. Establishing it in temple appeases goddess Mahalakshmi. Hanging a festoon of five-mukhi rudraksha at the threshold diminishes vastu defects. Establishing an idol made of ground soil measuring the height of your thumb on the eve of Diwali proves advantageous and auspicious since it appeases goddess Lakshmi and lord Ganesha as per script of Mahalakshmi Puran. Earthern lamp is believed to be very propitious as it makes the negative energy got off and the problems do not come near to you. So, ignite it in the house, at the door and in the southeast of the house, except bedroom.

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