Vastu Tips for Workplace

Why do we not able to get promotion? It happens due to negative vastu since it puts pressure upon your brain. So, working in negative vastu should be avoided. For this, you have to check whether your office is in northwest or not as it lapses concentration. The office should be either in south or in west while owner\’s cabin or of higher authority should be in southwest. In case, no amendment can possibly be made then try to maintain the balance by keeping the north side of the office open. Sudden losses may hit you in case you have water floor coming from south to southwest. As per vastu solutions, silver swastik should be adorned at the main facing of your house to overcome this vastu problem. Living room in southeast, i.e. fire area, symbolizes vastu defect. Apply light green or pink colour since it\’s a therapeutic colour. As being dominating to control, motivate and guide employees,higher authority should be assigned the corner of southwest for its workplace since magnetic energy from northeast settles down in southwest. So having cabin in southwest can make you a leader. Windows at the back of the chair in the office point towards conspiracy against you as per vastu. Sort out this vastu defect by covering that window with curtain or by a scenery portraying mountain. In throat-cut competitive world, everyone seeks answers and efficiency. So, justify with your job taking aid of vastu. East facing will fetch recommendation to your work if it is related to accounts. Public relation and marketing jobs require north facing while working. Disease will definitely come in if you are having kitchen in northeast since energy burns out here. Keep gas-stove in east and spectra light stone at the right side of it in the kitchen to get rid of vastu defect. As per tip of the vastu based show, walls,that are left blanked fearing any kind of distortion to the wall,should be decorated with picture or your own image at the wall. Lack of concentration and headache point towards the need to check if there is an overhead beam or any column at the back of your study place. Study while facing north to combat those problems. Vastu norms suggest not to use the chair having wheel at workplace for performing multi-utility tasks. It should be big, strong and stable. For escaping from the problem of piling debts, keep the north side open or fix a looking glass there since it provides monitory opportunities a lot according to vastu principles. There should have solid wall at your back while making a deal in trade and business. Extension in southeast and northeast presents massive vastu defect which requires correction through white paint in the balcony. Couple picture should be fixed at the corner of the drawing room located in southwest. Darkness in northeast creates confusion in the mind of the occupants according to vastu rules. Keep southwest heavy, dark and closed for getting rid of those confusions.

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