Vastu Tips for Windows

The broadcasting episode highlights the miraculous effects of vastu norms in which special concern is paid to live vastu and the negative spells casted by the junks and useless things. The place where you spend your most of the time is surmounted by live-vastu. However, window is essential for ventilation but having broad and big window in south wall of your house will evacuate positive energy dispersing out of the north pole for sure. The size of the south window should be small and keep veiling it with coarse curtain. While indulging in any work such as talking, studying, window should never be at your rear though it may be any direction. Follow de-clutter mantra in your house. Throw out all the junks, damaged articles and the discarded accessories from your house. Either repair all damaged goods or fling them out. Make the electronic gadgets mended that are precious and kept as dumped for prolong in order to spindle the wheel of progress in your life. Store heavy goods or picture aligning to the southwest wall of each floor in your house for getting off delay in marriage prospect. Communication gap between a married couple has direct link with vastu of your house. For eliminating this vastu defect, analyse northwest of your house. Place your own snapshot or the photo of galloping five horses in the northwest; keep the northeast light and kempt of your house for going abroad or dealing in property.As per tip of the vastu show, Kitchen displays the status of guests. Frequent visit of guests in house can be the outcome of unassembled vessels or utensils in the kitchen, erect placement of big vessels & tumbler. Therefore, put the phase of all vessels, tumblers and utensils down & keep your kitchen arranged always for getting rid of entertaining unnecessary guests. Having kitchen in northwest indicates vastu defect. In case of having any fire element there, the inmates can suffer from Asthma & all possibilities of attaining opportunity get terminated. Entrance of a coaching institution in north should be decorated and teachers should teach while facing towards east. Storeroom in southeast should be kept clean and leave the yellow light switched on always. In vastu, north direction is termed as an abode of the god of wealth, Kuber, Life supporting energy is emanated through north pole scientifically. Thus, avoid installing or stuffing of heavy items along or at north wall since such heavy items will put barriers on the way of energy flow. Adopt ‘Live vastu’by exempting north portion as per vastu; fix a big looking glass there and apply lemon colour on that wall for assuring the inflow of financial gain. Hang a coarse curtain on the south wall window and paint it red for bringing financial stability in the house. Maintain a gap of at least 6″ from the wall that is adjoining to the wall where your bed is aligning for averting negative vibes. Insure your savings & valuables in southwest of the east facing house for interrupting the outflow of money and install your almirah in such a way that its door would open towards north direction. Creaking sound coming out of the doors and windows disperses negative vibes. Hence, do oiling of the hinge joints so that positive vibes would not be buried under the impact of negative vibes. ‘Ek-aakshi coconut’ resembles as jute fibres. It should be kept by wraping it in yellow cloth for appeasing goddess Mahalakshmi. by adorning it at the centre, you can ensure peace and prosperity in the house. Dampening of walls is a technical problem that indicates leakage of water which is also termed as Live vaastu defect. Take some corrective measures by consulting an architect and make it repaired as soon as possible for terminating the extravagant outflow of fund. Replace broken mirrors of the window; clean webs of the spider from every nook of the house; sprinkle ‘ganga jal (water)’ for correcting live vastu of your house for eliminating negative vibes. Earned name, fame and fund go out of the house in case you have entrance in southwest. As per vastu norms, paint your door with dark brown colour and fix a copper ‘swastik’ outside the door.

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