Vastu Tips for Terrace

This vaastu based video has magnificent solutions of Vaastu for eliminating complications & flourishing ones\’ life with prosperity and wealth. As per 1st tip of the show, avoid applying strong colours as red, dark yellow, blue and black on the walls of your roof as it is considered as a vaastu defect in terms of vaastu. Go for white or pastel shades to be applied as it will keep the temperature of your house low. A small puja-room can be established at the 1st floor of duplex provided that it should not be cut off from the entire household. It should be enshrined at such place where the God can be witnessed while going in and out. But the image of god in Puja-room should be just one whereas other pictures can be put aside wrapped in a pack. Avoid decoring the house\’ ceiling with mirror work in the form of Chandelier or glasses in which your reflection would reflect. Either north or west wall is an ideal place to fit looking-mirror in any room except bed-room where fixing it creates vaastu defect. The ceiling or roof of the house should also be repaired properly for the sake of its maintenance. Vaastu remedy concludes that brown colour should be applied on the main gate in southwest along with a copper swastik. As per 3rd tip of the show, place a mug full of Ganga-jal at the exact corner of northeast for charging it with magnetic energy and sprinkle the same water the very next day for generating positivity in your house. As 4th vaastu tip connotes, a hanging chandelier in the mid of the ceiling permits prosperity to get transmitted into the house. A focus light clinging right above the dining table at the ceiling brings sound health & prosperity. Yellow light induces warm and soothing feeling while in living area, white lights suit the most as per vaastu norms. Keep your head in the south direction as it is the idealest direction because the positive vibes of house and your body move in the same direction. The 2nd most favourable direction to keep your head on your bed is east while sleeping. Washing machine, air-conditioner or refrigeration are water element equipments which can be kept in north or northwest. Intricate & colourful carvings can be done on the ceiling of the house since it is the part of our ancestral tradition which incarnates positivity. as per 6th tip of the show, P.O.P designs should be carved in square, rectangular or circular shape but not in slanting mode.

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