Vastu Tips for Temple at Home | Vastu Tips

The discussion of this vastu based show will deal with the vastu regarding temple of the house. Temple is the subject matter of our reverence and faith in god. However, prayer is offered or not in the house, but temple should be set-up. Presence of god equates with the presence of some elders who shower blessing upon the inhibitors always. It is also a guided protection of vastu. Motivation is essential to perform any work correctly and properly. Temple in house protects the occupants from negative aura and energies; along, your sub-conscious tends to worship with devotion. You can devote some time in peaceful and serence ambience while worshipping. As per vastu, northwest is governed by Vayu (air element). Kitchen in northwest direction create clash between the vayu and agni elements. Thus, they conspire to damage good energies. Domination of one element is believed to be \’unfortunate\’ as far as fate is concerned. The kitchen in northwest direction breeds health disorders, such as Asthma and respiratory maladies. As per vastu remedies, it should be shifted to southeast direction. Or, Apply pure white colour in that kitchen and Install gast stove in east & keep a spectra light stone (sphatik) at the right side of it. Underground water tank in south represents vastu defect which should be remediated by shifting it to north but if it seems impossible, then apply red colour inside the lid of it so that negative energy would not come out. The reason behind building kitchen in southeast is to keep it clean and exempted from germ with the falling heaty rays of the sun entering it. There are many cultures which believe kitchen as the most pious place of the house. But people cook onion, garlic and flesh as well as per modern ideology. According to vastu principles, temple in the kitchen is supposed to be ominous. Southwest is considered as a significant direction as per vastu principles since the positive energies take route from northeast to settle down in southwest. Therefore, kitchen in southwest burns out strength providing positive energy and many diseases onset in the house. So, it should be better to locate it in southwest. Any underground tank like septic tank is ominous south as per vastu guidelines. It should be shifted to norhtwest corner or in west. A temple above kitchen is thought to be very wrong location; therefore, shift it to northeast. When there left \’no option or alternate\’ then we summon god with positive visualization for resurrection. Hence, live vastu should be strengthened to eliminate every affect of wrong vastu. For this, you have to keep your house neat and clean, decluttered and discard the breakdown goods to enhance \’live vastu\’ since those defects trigger the problems four times. Bedroom should be built in southwest of the south facing house. Often we face problem in constructing bedroom at the entrance of the house. Vastu has solution for sorting out this problem as well. In case, double storey are to be built of south facing house then master bedroom can be located in the foretold direction of the first storey while living room can be established at the ground floor in southwest for sure success in life. Vastu is a science of energy. Taming energies leads to damage and problems in life. Priority in sub-conscious should be essentially there to set-up temple at any good location in the house. Vastu conveys northeast as the best and pious location for temple. It is known as Eshan-kona which connotes the abode of god (lord Shiva) where the head of vastu purush lies. Thus, a little worship worths massive in the temple of northeast. Your mind becomes capable of loosing in meditation and hence, you will get fruits. Grow plants and trees, such as floral shrubs and Ashoka tree, dispersing good energies should be planted around septic tank for averting its vastu defect. Cactus and milk or starch secreting plants must be prohibited to plant. Vastu becomes sensitive when we construct a house on diagonal plot since all directions do not fall at 90 degree. So, consult a vastu consultant and a ace architect for constructing that site. Any drain in southwest symbolizes inauspicious as per vastu rules. Make it shifted slightly if possibility seems.Remeber, the gas-stove in kitchen should be aligned with east wall while water source, such as RO or filter, or sink should be installed at the north wall. Giving place to god gives peace and calm to the heart and gives strength to struggle with complexities. Temple should not be built at the wall adjoining the toilet and kitchen or under the stairs or in balcony in the house which are less spacious. A dome is built on the temple in order to protect it from coming under feet. Even birds, too, deny to perch upon the dome of any religious place since it is an abode of god.