Vastu Tips for Success

Everyone has his own different definition of success. For instance, some desire to be blessed with sound knowledge while a job-seeker would wish to have a good job-opportunity in life. Therefore, everyone has various measurements of success. Success rate depends on the entrance of your abode. The entrance from southwest credits failure in your destiny. So, you should make necessary shifting for averting such vastu defect. Apply dark brown colour on the main door and fix a ‘swastik’ made of copper outside the door. Having bedroom and toilet in northeast is considered as vaastu defect which leads to infertility. Make your bedroom shifted to south, southwest or west. Asthma, bronchitis and respiratory disorder can victimize you due to having bedroom in northwest while kitchen in southwest causes depression & anxiety. Keep ‘Spectral light gemstone’ in your bedroom for getting off the inflictions imposed due to the foregoing vaastu defect. Toilet in front of main gate is considered as inauspicious in terms of Vaastu. Hang a printed curtain at the door of such toilet. And keep sea-salt in the toilet located in northeast. Displacement of heavy goods assures availability of positive energy in surplus. Incorrect placement of heavy goods leads to elopement of positive energy. Shift an almirah or weighy object from the north, if there is any in order to give way to positive vibes. Evacuate north for prompt success. Place at least 1 kg sea-salt along with palm plant in the toilet that is built in northeast for retarding the flow of negativity. Adorn tulsi (basil) plant in the northeast and mop the floor with sea-salt water for ending familial disputes or conflicts. Ignite a five phased earthen lamp in southeast of the house for earning acknowledgement and accolades in response to our remarkable achievement. North pole grants energy at the work place which is essential for work. Hence, working while facing north is an ideal location to work as per vaastu norms. For ensuring wealth into your destiny, take few strands of saffron and soak them in the water for preparing a solution in order to anoint outside the main gate. You can draw the figure of ‘Om’, ‘Shri’ or ‘Swastik’ using it. The grain preserving vessels should also be anointed with it on any Wednesday or Friday for perpetual flow of wealth, success and progress. Frequent trial to fetch success demoralizes the person.Keep semi-precious stone called ‘tiger stone rock’ with you for fetching the vibes of boosting confidence. Northeast portion is the most suitable direction for assigning it as a study-room of kids. Enshrining ‘Ganesha conch’ inside your house’ puja-room on any Wednesday and offering ‘misri & supari’ as ‘Prasad’ to him guarantee alleviation of every disaster/ catastrophe.It can also be utilized to get off the vaastu defects relating to main door. Wrap it in a red cloth and hang it at the threshold of the door. Installed or constructed septic tank in southwest is also a vastu defect. Plant ‘Ashoka trees’for eliminating such vastu defect. Northeast direction is termed as the most sensitive direction as per vaastu norms. Establishing ‘Mangal Kalash’ in northeast is considered as an auspicious initiative which allows continuous progression as well as promotion in life or work. Light sandalwood incense sticks at home for dispelling gloom provided that it must be pure instead of perfumed; alongside, keep fresh flowers inside the house. Paint the walls of stair hall with yellow colour if it is located in the northeast of the house.

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