Vastu Tips for Stones | Effect of Stones

\”What is the influence of stones as per vastu guideline\”-it is the featuring highlight of the vcastu based show. Our life is full of complexities. As far as attributes of stone are concerned, it appears strong and casts its effect upon the occupants triggering changes in their temperament. Bathroom in southwest indicates drainage in the same direction as per vastu norms which causes wastage of money and dries out savings. As per vastu solutions, dark colour should be painted on its door. No digging should be allowed in south and neither have underground or septic tank in the same direction. Septic tank can be built in northwest or west part of the home. For calculating profit and noticing growth in the factory, underground water tank or low-lying floor in southwest or south should be checked since it hampers progerssion and shrinks profits. Vastu denies the fixing of marble at floors since it is reserved for temples and hence, is believed to be inauspicious to use it at home floor. Extension in southeast corner of the house is considered as vastu defect. To overcome the evil effect of such vastu defect, red floral plants should be placed there. Main gate or door in southwest causes delay in marriage as per vastu directions. Bedroom in northeast side conspires clashes in the marital relationship. Vastu defect in kitchen also leads to troubleshooting in married life. As per vastu norms, gas-stove kept in north while water resources installed at right side of it lead to complexities in married life. Bedroom in northeast and east are thought to be vastu defect which need to be shifted from there to south, southwest or west directions. Toilet in southeast should also be shifted to south direction. As per vastu guidelines, every corner should be evacuated and no toilet should be there as it will be counted as vastu defect that will be inauspicious. Water tanks in southeast are supposed to be fine as per vastu rules. Plant Ashoka trees to avert the leakage of the vital energy. The creepers that grow and extend towards down are assumed to be ominous. Money Plant can be adorned in the house while taking resort of any bamboo or stick. Cut in southeast or northwest points towards vastu defect. This vastu defect can be corrected by installing focus lamps in both directions for switching on them in the evening. Low flooring gallery in southwest is a vastu defect that can be remediated by loading it with heavy goods and green plants fetching prosperity. Closed north and east portions of the house should be kept light and looking glasses can be fixed there for bringing prosperity as per indications of vastu guidelines. Marbles are used in the architecture of temples and religious places since they are auspicious stone. However, flooring may be made which is not preferable as per vastu norms but still it can be used. Well in northeast of the farm house symbolizes auspiciousness. Mostly, light colours should be painted on the walls of the bed room, especially pink, cream, white and beige colour while drawing room should have attractive colours except blue colour on the south wall of the hall. Festoon or toran or dark colour and plants should be adorned on the maingate of the south direction since it\’s the worst vastu defect. Toilet in southeast is also considered bad from the perspective of vastu-shastra which needs to be shifted to south or west direction. South facing plots requires bedrooms to be built in frontal portion covering south & south southwest; kitchen to be built in southeast while drawing room or dining room in northeast; bedroom in northwest is to be constructed for your daughter or guests. Matasya or vastu yantra may be established along with many alterations for enhancing vastu of the house for eliminating vastu defect of marble floorings. Negative energies are nullified by the positive energies we generate. A platform or plinth bedecked with marble or pillar in front of your house attracts negative energy causing depression. You can get rid of such vastu defect by planting more prosperous shrubs and trees to absorb negativity.