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All small accessories cast their impact upon the house. A house is made up of many small things. It is accomodated with many meager articles that are used on routine basis. And the wrong placement of those goods or accessories can cause a big trouble as per vastu. The ideal location for kitchen is southeast since it\’s an intense direction where the heat is found outrageous. This direction is suitable for it as infra red rays of the sun enter here killing all germs to keept it kempt. It\’s better for health\’s sake as per vastu. Entrance from north is fine but stairs should not be there. On being incapable of manipulating stairs, spot light can be installed in the stairs and paint them with yellow colour. We tend to keep and use knife, scissors and broom anywhere in the house.Generally, 50% houses have no specific place for them. Scratched plaster, brokendown clock scissors and other things resemble rags worn by an individuals. Therefore, it\’s essential to care every nook and things of the house. We ought to dine in either dining room or living room, otherwise, it casts negative impact.In ancient era, food used to be eaten at the particular place in kitchen. Food ought to be eaten at some particularly fixed place meant for dining only as per vastu since it influences our health by providing energy. So, bedroom is not an auspicious place to eat food. Having balcony and toilet in west direction is fine location as per vastu. If there is no balcony in the east then, a looking glass should be fit there. Kitchen in west needs white paint and place an earthen pot full of soil near gas stove in the kitchen that will be good from the prospective of career as per vastu.Cut at \’Agni-kona\’ is believed to be ominous. For vastu solution, ignite an earthen lamp fueled with mustard oil, switch-on yellow bulb there and adorn it with floral plant blooming red flowers. Hang a curtain and install spot light outside the door of the bedroom facing south direction for remediating vastu defect. Clean surrounding of the house lets the goddess Lakshmi,i.e. finance, in. The house where broom is inadequately used, there peace, prosperity, money and health so not come. How will Prosperity bloom in the house having cobwebs and dirt in the corners of the house? Thus, broom is valuable for us.South or southwest or west or northwest direction is considered as a fine location to keep the broom there. Broom must not be kept in north, northeast and east. Other thing must be carefully remembered that it should not be kept erected since it creates confusions in mind and breeds quarrel, tiffs and arguments in house. Problem stays still. Keep it with manners and don\’t touch it with feet since it is supposed to be the support of goddess Lakshmi. The aforementioned goddess of wealth enters via guest\’s feet during the day; therefore, we must not swipe it out while sweeping in the evening. It must not be kept under stairs and kitchen. Having stairs in north, also the abode of kuber, indicates burden that is inauspicious. Make stairs shifted to south, southwest or northwest.Else, colour them with yellow and keep the space below of the stairs exempted from storage and fix a glass on the north wall of the stairs to enhance north side producing magnetic waves. Painting neutral colour on the door at southeast will be auspicious.Toilet in northeast is considered as the worst vastu defect. This corner emanates bundle of energy as it\’s the corner devoted to god. Hence, there should have puja-room or drawing room or meditation room or study room. The most vibrant vibes disperse from northeast and toilet contaminates it. It can lead to major health problems such as accidents. You can shift it to either west or south. Toilet in any corner is considered as inauspicious and vastu defect also. Clock represents fortune that should be hung on the north or northeast or east wall. The stopped clock should be avoided as it represents inauspiciousness. The pictures of family persons can be fixed in south or southwest under focus light. The photos of deity should be fixed in north.

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