Vastu Tips for Relationships

As our relation gets older as harmonious it becomes with the passing time. So, the topic of discussion in the show of vastu is \’how to make the marital life cordial and harmonious\’. As per vastu remedy, unreasonable quarrel begins to breakout due to having master bedroom in southeast since this direction is governed by fire element which leads to lacking mutual understanding. Remove this vastu defect by applying light green or pink colour and by keeping rose quartz crystals also. According to vastu, the suspicion of having extra marital affair grows when northwest of the house is affected due to cut, elevation and extension. This vastu defect affects the honesty existing in the relationship. Avert this vastu defect by painting the walls of this bedroom with pure white colour and by placing 5 \’White Agnes stones\’ there. As per Hindu scriptures and vastu-shastra, bamboo tree should not be kept inside the house. So keep it out in the garden of the house. Southeast the most suitable direction for kitchen since it is the direction of fire & the sun rays travel intensly here. Bathroom in southwest denies savings. So, dark brown colour would be applied on the doors to get off this vastu defect so that magnetic energy discharging from northeast would be settled in that room. Apply red colour on the wall of southeast or if it seems impossible then hang a big scenery of red colour on this wall for getting rid of this vastu defect. As per vastu directions, use red colour prominently to eliminate irritation from your temper and for settling peace in life, go for light green colour. Stability can be introduced through yellow colour. Correct the vastu defect of having main gate in the southeast by pacifying the fire element via good energies. This motive can be served by fixing a \’silver swastik\’ measuring 4.5 inches on the main door. For kitchen, blue and black colour should be prohibited; instead the colour of the sill and shelves should be brown or mustard in shade. Vastu confirmly concludes that glass on south wall or in the bedroom of the couple lapses co-ordination and harmony between the spouces and their temper always tends to jump to aggression and anger. All kinds of palm trees are powerful enough to absorb negative energies. Bottle palm plant occupies less space so, it can be used at small place as well. Vastu suggests mopping of the floor with the water dissolving sea-salt since it is auspicious to do so. Rose Quartz Crystal is supposed to be the best stone for enhancing positive energies (positive energies stand for the powerful vibes ensuring peace and harmony between the couple). Keep two balls of rose quartz near your bed and a pair of swan carved out of \’ashtadhaatu\’ for improving & stablizing marital relationship. Vastu element called \’Laghu Naariyal\’ are believed to be very auspicious as per our religious scriptures. Adorning 5 replicas of this vastu element in copper utensil or vessel establish stability and keep litigation at bay or settled satisfactorily. Hang 9 carnelion stones tied in red cotton cloth on the door of toilets in southeast. Drawing room of the house can be built in northwest for the guest but for you, its best location would be northeast as per vastu norms. Kitchen in southwest dries out savings and causes depression and anxiety. So, fix a copper swastik outside that kitchen; install gas-stove in east and place spectra light stone next to gas-stove. The casting shadow of Gurudwara over a house is a vastu defect. Hence, plant auspicious tree, especially Ashoka trees around the house for betterment. For remediating the vastu defect of bedroom in northeast, apply lemon colour and align the bed with south wall. Keep a \’radia stone\’ or \’tiger stone rock\’ in the bedroom of northeast. Kitchen in northwest restrains stability and lacks concentration. Therefore, apply white paint in the kitchen and place a spectra light stone near the gas-stove. Northeast is an ideal place for boring as it settles prosperity and peace in the house. It is auspicious to fix a copper swastik at every corner of the house for removing the vastu defect of casting shadow of any religious place or tomb over your house. The vastu defect of having sink on the right side of the gas-stove which is placed in east of the Kitchen in north can be corrected by placing earthen pot there. Taps in the southeast of the bathroom that is built in south represent vastu defect. It can be remediated by placing 9 carnelion stones in southeast. Violet colour should be painted on the walls of the study room located in southwest for enhancing concentration and study should be done while facing north as per vastu rules.

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