Vastu Tips for Purchasing Property

The joy involved while purchasing any property, sometimes, makes us careless to have glance over vastu aspect of the property which leads to rise of so many complications right after making a deal. We purchase a piece of land by examining the site and price of the property. But sometimes, we forget to analyse the site externally or we think as being an ignorant that vastu would be inspected while costructing the plot. We must look at the north east portion of the plot that it must not be at crest or relatively higher. The plot must not be a dump yard where litter is thrown. The first step having purchased that plot is to make the ground levelled and remove the heap of garbage from there. The next tip of vastu expert conveys that the purchased flat should be white-washed promptly subsequent to making its deal finalized. Sprinkle holy water, i.e. Ganga-jal, in every nook to make it auspicious. Pure or off- white colour is the best shade to be applied on walls since it consists of seven colours (VIBGYOR) as per vastu. Go for review of northeast direction of your house if it has any toilet or not and big main door or door in southwest should be kept shut since these vastu defects cause no saving along with numerous problems. As per tip of the show, scratching head, moving fingers,nibbling nails,beating tables or any other movement during confusing state lead to wastage of energy as goddess Mahalakshmi gets annoyed. Check and correct your body vastu for financial and overall prosperity. Make your body stable and avoid unnecessary use of the body parts by moving them. The room in northwest should not be assigned to the male aspirant,whose career is going to gear, or marriageable males because they leave the house due to any reason. In case of inability to make him shifted, apply pure white colour and place tiger stone raw in that room. Liva vastu salt or sea-salt should be kept in bowls at four corners of the house that is new. After one week, remove those bowls while urging for eliminating all negative energy with them. Mop the floor with the water dissolving sea-salt in it and place the bowl full of sea-salt in the old house having negative energy. Change the bowl after 15 days. As per vastu solutions, establish a picture of god Panchmukhi Hanuman in the altar or in southeast of your house on Tuesday in case you encounter with problems and complexities having made a shift in the new house. Establishing a \’Mangal-kalash\’ in northeast on any pious occasion will let the prosperity boom in the house. Live vastu can be applied at any place. After hiring house on rent, clean the house and keep its walls flawless; the floor should be ment and if it is not then cover it with carpet; hang the picture of a mountain on south wall. Carry on the foregoing vastu tips along with you wherever you go, though, you would be on visit for few days only. Support is essential as per vastu while living in either single or multi-storyed buildings. Gravitational pull renders support while accupying the ground floor to give us stability while living at upper floors, possibility of lacking stability increases; therefore, keep the flooring clean of the upper storey and try to burn incense or incense sticks in the unoccupied ground floor to stopping the affect of negativity invading into your upper floor. Vastu element called \”Evil Eye Swastik\” is carved out of an alum at an auspicious occasion for absorbing negative energies. Black colour is used to cancel out the affect of negative aura since \’swastik\’ symbolizes \’Ganesha-the obstruction remover\’. Wednesday, Monday and Friday are the pious days on which it can be established inside or outside the house. Cut in the southeast of the property is regarded as \’disputed\’. As pere vastu solutions, you have to feed blinds or a cow there for removing such kind of vastu defect. Any mirror or looking glass should be fixed in either east or north direction of the house, but not in any corner except northeast.

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