Vastu Tips for Peace of Mind

Out of ten Vastu tips for correcting vastu defect existing the house without demolishing the building, the first is about the entrance in south east. Restlessness floats in the house causing freqent fight and complexities through this direction. Sort out this vastu defect by fixing a silver swastik at the gate of the entrance on the pious day, especially Wednesday. This day is dedicated to deity \’Ganesha\’. Northeast is the source of megnetic energy from where it springs. Therefore, make this corner bright by switching on light yellow bulb there that ensures elimination of many troubles automatically. Steps should be odd in number in the house. To get rid of vastu defect due to even number ofsteps,an imaginary step can be made. Discharge the broken festoon made of Peepal tree\’s leaves on which the word \’Shri\’ would be written in the flowing water and tie another similar festoon on any pious occasion. Kitchen in northwest brings instability, burns out auspicious vibes and children lack concentration in the house. Sort out this vastu defect by colouring white paint in the kitchen and by placing 5 white stones inside or outside kitchen door. Broken utensils invite fight, restlessness, pain and inflictions in the house. Promptly, throw out those bundles of troubles in the form of broken vessels & utensils. Septic tank in southwest of the the bungalow or farm house of building creates many complications, retards growth, triggers depression and anxiety and hindrance in all works. Make it shifted to northwest but in case no amendment can be made then plant Ashoka tree there. Main entry from southwest causes delay in life by retarding growth. As per vastu, apply dark brown paint on its wall and fix copper swastik there as it is very propitious. The facing while worshipping should be east in the altar of northwest. Check if the toilet is in the northeast in case any major disease is striking any occupant. This vastu defect can be corrected by keeping sea-salt and plam tree there to cleanse the energies and evert disease. By burning camphor in the small bowl of copper, all kinds of negative vibes burn out and prosperity is restored in the house. Steps or lift right in front of the main gate dries out wealth and flows out money from the house. Get rid of this vastu defect by installing white focus light focusing the light on main gate. The co-ordination and harmony of red and white flower invite prosperity into the house. Better it would be to adorn natural flower; else, artificial flowers can be worth it. Vastu defect of bedroom in southeast is corrected by keeping two balls of rose quartz crystal near your head and by painting its wall with light green or pink colour. \’Narmadeshwar Shivalinga\’ is a vastu element that is obtained from Narmada River in the shape of Shivalinga. Establishing any such Shivalinga of more than 1 inch in the altar of the house showers blessings of God Shiva. And our pitr feels happy and blissful at this. Live force energy takes genesis from north pole and spreads. Often, we are habitual of stuffing any empty or unoccupied scape with cupboard or heavy furniture. This causes obstrution in the way of energy dispersing from north and hence, our house gets deprived of positive energy. So, keep the north floor exempted. \’Ekakshi coconut\’ epitomizes prosperity , peace and wealth. Establish the aforementioned coconut in the altar of your house on Friday for letting the prosperity stay tuned round the clock.