Vastu Tips for Office Desk

\’Which things to be there in front of you while working\’ should be the matter of concern for attracting prosperity to your house and life. As per vastu rules, wall and door should not be in front while performing any work since it causes obstruction to the supply of energy to mind. Toilet door in front is also considered bad idea from the perspective of vastu. Therefore, keep check over your sitting position at workplace. Wrong architectural vastu causes stress and pressure while working. Overhead beam at workplace affects massively to you by casting stressful negative energy. So, avoid sitting under it ever. Diagonal rooms arise confusions so it\’s a vastu defect. Identify the major directions for highlighting; adorn a showpiece in northeast for its identification as per vastu solutions. Analyse the directions using compass correctly by keeping it at the centre of the house for noticing the exact directions. East and west are the parallel directions which can never meet. As per vastu rules, closed north direction of the house indicates gradual flow of income since it is the direction governed by \’Kuber\’-the God of Wealth and north pole energy can not be able to enter into your house. According to vastu solutions, apply yellow colour on north wall. The shape of the table matters a lot as it casts its impact upon your work, efficiency and prosperity. As we talk about office table, vastu conveys that it should neither be oval in shape nor have any cut. Round topped table is fine for conference only but not for office use. Either square or rectangular shaped table is thought to be the best for office use. Gate in northwest symbolizes vastu defect as it restricts stability. Pure white colour should be applied on the north wall and tie 11 knots of moli, also known as Sacred thread, at the handle of the main door of the house according to vastu principles. \’Gomati Chakra\’ is also known as life chakra which is drawn out of the River Gomati. It is molecular in shape imbued with the power of God Vishnu. Wherever it is placed, prosperity and bliss come in from there. It can be kept in temple, treasure box , main door and in the foundation also. Bed room in north or northwest represent diseases that will reside dominantly in the house.Toilet in northeast also indicates vastu defect. All foretold problems of vastu can be corrected by applying cream, lemon or light green colour in bedrooms and by keeping spectra light stone. Keep sea-salt and a palm plant in toilet. Vastu expert believes that the idol of God should not be adorned on the working table. The deity can be established at the wall. Extended corners from two sides are supposed to be inauspicious from the perspective of vastu. Hence, the house should be built erectly. Kitchen in northwest requires white colour to be painted here as it\’s a vastu defect. Toilet in southwest is also incorrect location for it while south direction for the same is fine as per vastu norms. Sanatan religion and our Hindu culture tells that tortoise is a replica of God Vishnu. When the historic event \’ocean-churning\’ occured, Lord Vishnu incarnated in the mask of a tortoise. Thus, carve a tortoise in \’ashtadhatu\’ for placing it in your temple, thereby, prosperity will bloom in your house. But adorning it as a \’showpiece\’ should be avoided. All the accessories of an office, such as pens, pencils, clocks and calender should be properly maintained as this practice allows prosperity and smooth life track. The length and breadth of the house should be 1:2 ratio according to vastu guidelines.

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