Vastu Tips for Newlyweds

Life after marriage seems quite different world as many responsibilities and tensions join you. Revealing them to others is also denied by your heart. Marital harmony plays essential role in this context. It is required to have cordial and harmonious communication with each other. As per vastu rules, a couple picture should be fixed on the wall of southwest. It will provide the couple strength and resort to marital harmony. Life passes smoothly and on pleasurable notes while combating problems falling on the way of your life. For eliminating problems from marital life, couple\’s bedroom should not be in the southeast direction since it gives rise to quarrels and arguments between the married ones. If shifting the bedroom seems impossible then apply pink colour in it. According to Vastu norms, cylinder is thought to be heavy thing which can be stored in west and south direction. But it should not be placed in north and northeast. Carrying on married life on smooth track, balance is requisite. The best timing for establishing balance is morning and evening. Fresh flowers of white and red colour should be adorned in the bedroom or in living room at least once in a week for establishing co-ordination and harmony in married life.As per vastu directions, having sink in south portion is considered as defect that indicates a big problem since it is a direction governed by fire. Installation of water source here leads to quarrel and stablizes tensions in the house. Likewise, oval shaped dining table is also concluded as ominous. It can be rectangular, square or round in shape as per vastu rules. The property with south facing expresses aggression and instensity. Such property should be remediated by fixing \’silver swastik\’ for letting in prosperity and peace. Tip of the show will brief how to balance the negative and positive energies. Keep check over the windows, doors, almirah and refrigerator whether they produce any sound or not since the creaking sound cuts the flow of positive vibes and negative vibes begin to take toll. Clean the cobwebs from the edges of the house for settling peace and harmony in the house.

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