Vastu Tips for New Year

In order to welcome prosperity, as per De-cultor mantra, the inhibitors should throw the retarded things such as cloths, charger, gadgets, quartz etc. that have been not used since last 6 months that restrict growth, promotion and inflow of money. You can donate them to others for assuring the replacement of negative energy with positive vibes into the house. Keep your kitchen clean and don\’t eastablish any temple there and never leave messy utensils. Bring natural life in the form of natural plants as Bonsai & floral plants for prosperity and restoring lively ambience in the house. Revamp your house as plastering and reparing of the floor time to time as repairing is essential for human as well in order to gain revitality. \’ Live vastu salt\’ can eliminate the affect of negative aura. Sweep the floor by mopping it with the water in which sea-salt has been dissolved. It\’s just a myth that door in the south causes domestic conflicts. Fix a \’Swastik\’ made of silver at the main door for establishing peace in the house. Westwards or southwards flow of water from a fountain retards the savings. Therefore, stop the flow of water if demolishing to it seems difficult. Apply pure white colour in kitchen located in south direction. As per non-disputed way, the place for puja-room is northeast or at the east wall. Having puja-room in northwest is inauspicious. You can keep \’rose-quartz crystal\’ for controlling your anger as it enhances love and calms down arrogance. Adorn fresh fruits while displaying them on your dining table for good health & prosperity. Check whether the 1st floor has toilet in northeast. If it is then you should not establish puja-room in the similar direction at 2nd floor. Apply lemon colour in stair-hall & keep sea-salt in northeast & fix looking glass on the wall of north or east wall. Do not keep your southwest open in order to avoid incurring of debt & adorn an idol of lord SriKrishna that appears playing flute. Paint lemon colour in the kitchen constructed in north; place gas-stove at east wall and water in the west direction. West facing house is fine as per vaastu principles. Coral tree is made up of precious coral stone which is taken out of the ocean. Place this tree at the centre of the house for spreading happiness in the surrounding since it rectifies any vastu defect of your house as it is connected to planet Mars and soil. A curtain should be put on the toilet in northwest. Check in southwest whether it has water-tank, a big door & toilet since they are counted as vaastu defect that results in indebtedness.If it is so then keep \’citrine gemstone\’ in almirah. Apply dark colours & hang an image of mountain in the southwest portion of your house in order to correct the vastu defect interrupting marriage. Built toilet in east & bedroom in southeast represent vaastu defect. Apply pink & light green colour in southeast and keep sea-salt in the toilet. Bulged south or southwest in the east facing house causes troubles as per vaastu. A tree does not harm anyone but the house should be built away since its casting shadow on the house is considered inauspicious as per vaastu. T-pointed house in northeast is beneficial according to vaastu norms. For enhancing focus and sharpen memory, one must study while facing north. Having toilet in northeast can victimize the inhabitors by diseases. Apply dark brown colour on the door of the toilet located in southwest. Fix a mirror on the north wall for attaining success in trade or profession. Almirah should be kept in the south instead of north and apply choose light colour for applying in the drawing room

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