Vastu Tips for Marriage

The video shown above concludes and conveys the corrective remedies for averting delay in marriage and other matters as well via Vaastu shastra. As per 1st vaastu tip of the show, the food for feast on the eve of any matrimonial ceremony should be cooked in the southeast direction. Keep the main entrance in northeast side of the \’pandal\’ for welcoming the bridegroom and his accompanying guests according to the second tip of Vaastu.As per third tip of the vaastu-based show, burn nine earthern lamps fueled with pure (desi) ghee before goddess Lakshmi on the eve of \’Dhan-teras\’ in order to ensure the entry of the goddess of wealth. Adorning it with blossoms and flowers will be auspicious for you. While worshipping the god, one should face towards northeast direction. The puja-room of the house should be established in the northeast also. There are 33 crore dieties as per \’Sanatan Dharm (religion)\’ and diverse directions are fixed for every deity. While praying to god, the devotee should give priority to northeast and the second direction that suits to do worshipping is south. The worshipping should be done with \’Panchopchar\’ which requires incense, earthern lamp, incense sticks, flowers and fruits. Installation of underground water tank or main door in southwest direction causes hurdles in finding suitable match for marriageable daughter. The idealmost direction for locating the kitchen is southeast. The second priority can be given to south while east is the third suitable direction for the kitchen. Every arrangement of the marriage should be maintained clock-wise such as stage, food-stalls etc. According to the fourth tip of the show, the stage must be in the southwest for getting the blessing of stability in the life of spouses while the arrangement for \’Lava-phere\’ should be fixed in the east direction. The fifth tip of the show conveys that adieu (farewell) of the bride should be held from the northwest direction & leave the \’marriage-pandal\’ in clockwise direction.The door in the southwest is considered as \’not good\’ as per vaastu. For having auspicious effect, that door should remain shut most of the ocassion. The store in east causes eyes and brain related disorders according to vaastu-shastra. Horseshoe made of iron is supposed to be auspicious and beneficial as per vaastu. Any other material\’s horseshoe will not be as beneficial as of iron because the frictional force generates a lot of magnetic energy when the horse gallops on the road. The negative aura gets off by fixing that horseshoe at the entrance of the house.West facing house is considered as \’not bad\’ as per vaastu norms, One should apply white paint on the walls and the north side of the house should be decked with looking glass if it is not opened. The vaastu elemnet, a sphatik stone resembling like a lotus has \’charan-paduka\’ (footprints) of goddess Lakshmi at the top of it. It should be installed at inner side of the main entrance do that it can be visible while entering into the house. You can enshrine it in your temple, office, shop or any trading unit also for perpetual shower of financial gain. Brown or light brown colour shouls be applied on the walls of the master bed room of the spouses while pastel shades should painted on the walls of the rest rooms in the house where marriage is likely to be held. There are 2 to 3 thousand diverse crystals are available worldwide. Original crystals lack shine except diamond. The substitute crystal of diamond is \’Quartz\’ crystal of diamond family. One should study while facing north direction, Keep the index finger and thumb pressed in \’gyan-mudra\’ while studying for concentration and sharpening memory. For getting good result in CAT exam, one must study while facing north direction and there should have wall at the back of the aspirant. The room in the northwest is good for marriageable girl.

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