Vastu Tips for Marriage Rituals

The broadcasting episode is dedicated to Vaastu arrangements for following rituals preceding marriage. Keep the soaked turmeric or ubatan and henna in the northeast direction of the house which is a sensitive direction full of magnetic energy. Avoid using southeast direction to follow the marriage related rituals such as ‘chuda ceremony’ and ‘applying henna’ etc. since fire dominates in this direction. In north facing flat, place furniture in the south portion of the house.Hang curtains in case of having many windows or doors in such direction. As per tip of vaastu, one must know that goddess Lakshmi sitting in the lap of lord Vishnu ensures the boon of wealth and fame together in the life of the inhibitors. Apply lemon paint on the north wall of the house in order to appease lord Vishnu. Apply the fusion of red and copper paint on any wall of the house, though it may be the wall of south. Having main gate in southwest represents vaastu defect. Paint dark brown colour along with a sliver-swastik there. Don’t keep valuables, cash or assest in the almirah placed in southeast though its placement is fine as per vastu. Cleansing of energy is must before arranging any ritual relating to marriage for inviting auspiciousness. Ignite insence or insence stick at the place where marriage related rituals are going to be held. Mop the floor of that place with the water in which sea-salt is dissolved. Disperse the aroma as of lavender, tulsi and sandalwood by burning them since these are considered ideal for cleansing energy. Constructed Entrance in southeast symbolizes vastu defect that leads to indebtedness. Apply red or any shade of red colour on the door of such entrance & fix a ‘sliver swastik’ at it that would be auspicious. Avoid adorning creepers inside the house as they tend to grow downwards which may dip your progress.Northwest direction does not allow the anyone to live stagnantly but this direction keeps the mood of every visitor pleased & composed. Choose the room in northwest as all marital rituals will be eventualized auspiciously in this direction. Study while facing towards north direction and there should be wall at your back for succeeding. Acquire ‘gyan-mudra’ by pressing the tip of thumb with index finger of both respective hands in order to sharpen the memory and enhance focus. Place ‘Amethyst gemstone’ in the study room. Before inhibiting into new flat, the occupants should white wash the house, clean-up the mess and mop the floor with sea-salt dissolving water. Work while facing north in the office for sure success in business. Citrine crystal of yellow and golden colour is procured from southeast Asian countries & Brazil. It fulfills the desire of earning supernatural gain and even conceives desire to earn more. It is believed that god Kubera and goddess Lakshmi dwell in this stone as per indian scriptures. Adorning it in house on Friday or any other day means downpour of wealth in the destiny of occupants. Assign room in northwest to the marriageable daughter for avoiding delay in her marriage and keep the north of your house clean and evacuated and fix a looking glass there for resuming the flow of income. Install a focus light of yellow colour outside the main door while welcoming the guests on matrimonial ceremony. The emblem portraying ‘shree’ symbolizes goddess Lakshmi while ‘swastik’ is an icon of Lord Ganesha who restrains hurdles and catastrophe. Hence, these symbols should be adorned inside the house where matrimony is taking place. Storing cash in the room at southeast corner indicates Vastu defect. Place yellow ‘cowrie’ in that almirah kept in southeast room. For checking ‘live vastu’ or cardinal directions of the house rightly, bring compass which is available in two types, i.e. magnetic compass and floating magnetic compass. Floating magnetic compass is better to use for knowing live vastu direction of the house. Utilize this tool while bringing it in the centre of the house by keeping it in mind that there should have no metallic article, especially of steel such as mobile or watch. Note north direction using compass which represents the facing of the house.

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