Vastu Tips for Lack of Concentration

Lacking concentration and staying trapped in dilemma are caused due to unfriendely vastu environment surrounding you. The very simple logic behind it may be kitchen or firework or furnance in the northeast of your office. Therefore, spectra light stone should be placed in the northeast wherever the fire is ignited. Name-plate can be fixed at either, left or right, side of the entrance. It should be five feet long and regular in shape, especially prefer either rectangular or square. Depression, itself, resembles through your deprived mood. Apply bright red colour on the south wall of your office to get tid of depression or anxiety as per vastu solutions. Toilet in northeast invites many problems as per vastu norms. SO, eliminate this vastu defect by placing a bowl full of sea-salt and a bottle palm plant. Frequently change the water of the bottle since it dies otherwise. Having caught in surmounting confudions and depression, analyse the ambience. Vastu advocates for stablizing the chair that means there should have no wheel in the chair\’s leg and the surrounding atmosphere should be decluttered. These vastu solutions avert confusion in your mind. The articles such as masterpiece clocks, pen, pencils, piles of files placed in non-working condition create confusion. Keep old files in west, repair the stopped clocks and kick out the useless items for imbuing freshness in the life. A small temple can be established at east wall in a shop. Our life cycle goes due to flow of energy. Energy traveling from northeast settles down in southwest. Depression and restlessness take toll due to leakage of that energy. As per vastu suggestions, keep the door shut and windows in southwest veiled with curtains respectively. Vastu element namely \’spectra-light stone\’ appears light grey in colour which has power to absorb the radiation. Spectrum appears when it is seen in the sunlight. It is adorned in the nearby surrounding of the house where mobile towers are established and in the kitchen also where there is a gas-stove to absorb the radiation. Northwest is an air-dominant area and as we all know that it air is interrupted then overall growth is hampered.Many other problems shoot out due to heavy store in that direction which steals the opportunities from you. As per vastu solutions, apply pure white colour in the northwest direction and shift the load from there. Vastu denies toilet in southwest since it ends savings. For correcting this vastu defect, apply dark brown colour outside the toilet or its door.There are two types of vastu, i.e. fixed vastu and live vastu. Fixed position of any structure or room is fixed vastu while the emanating energy from the ground or the place is regarded as live vastu. Cosmic or magnetic radiation denotes live vastu that may be the reason of not getting desirous results. Consult any vastu consultant in such case. The head should be southwards while legs should be in the north direction. In case, you sleep with your head in east then your legs should be in the west direction. Operational basement in any direction is considered as vastu friendly. The house facing northwest deserves white paint outside. But it can be applied inside always as per vastu.

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