Vastu Tips for Household Things

The flashing video has suggestions relating to directions of assembling and arranging household items at proper place. Out of five vaastu tips, the 1st tip conveys that keys of your vehicle and house should be kept in northeast direction at proper place for your own convenience. 2nd vaastu tip conveys that Unkempt cloths should be put in the west portion of the house to get rid of any mess and complexities of life. As per 3rd tip of Vaastu, one ought to store medicines either in northeast or north in separate boxes.Such practice increases the potency of medicines to heal the inmates. the 4th tips conveys that Diseases will increase as much as they get exposed. West direction is fine for keeping footwears & shoes as per 3rd tip while stationery utilized for business purpose should be kept in the north portion of the house.So, keep them concealing. Check out that creaking noise should not be produced from doors and windows of the house. Greasing and oiling to them can stop this unwanted hoarse noise to be produced.The portraits of ancestors and deities\’ picture should be hung at the place which should be free from ones\’ personal space and touch. Such portraits can be hung in lobby and living room also. Don\’t expect much from the images of wild beasts or animals as per vaastu. It is just a myth that putting such and such picture of any animal can turn your destiny turtle. The picture of galloping horse symbolizes power which should be hung in the northwest irrespective of its face since its air dominant area. It can be fixed in north, west or northwest. In the north facing flat, the elevator from the west is fine according to vaastu where the owner should paint the wall in white colour. Having kitchen in northeast indicates vaastu defect causing severe health problems. Drawing room & girl\’s room in northwest are fine but this direction is unfit for constructing master bed-room which is meant for the owner of the house. Bookshelf should be on the west wall since they carry the burden of knowledge in them. The vaastu element namely \’Live vaastu jal\’ is prepared with a lot of complexities by adding Tulsi and lemon juices in Ganga jal. The research & experience of Dr. Puneet Chawla concludes that the aforementioned Vaastu element negates the evil impact of negative aura or negative energy provided that it should be sprinkled at 4 nooks or in northeast of each room of the house or even outside the main door. Having religious monument, tree or road in frontal part of the house is known as \’Veg\’ in Vaastu. Feed birds for going abroad as vaastu norms suggest. The things or accessories those are utilized most commonly, should never be given space under bed. The exposure of knives, scissors and bottles of pickle can generate tiff among one another in the house. Fasten 11 leaves of \’Ashoka tree\’ in the 11 layers of Moli, especially on any festive ocassion as Diwali for eliminating bad impact of negative aura.

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