Vastu Tips for Home Decoration

The show is emphasized not only upon decoration but the utilization of earth element as well. The room built in northeast with the motive to assign it to children should be used as study room as per vastu since it may lead to health problems in children if it is utilized as their living room. But it would not be apt for their bedroom. Children\’s room in southeast makes them stubborn as per vastu principles. Any kind of \’Toran\’ or festoon, such as of Mango leaves, Marigold or Ashoka leaves, cowries and Rudraksha,meant for decoration will render prosperity to occupants. Vastu suggests that all plants should be grown in the earthern urn, although, now-a-days the trend of using plastic urns is in. But we should not go away from the nature but to live with it closely. Heavy urns should be kept in southwest according vastu rules while light urns should be kept in north and east. Gutter or septic tank in southwest and cut in the same direction are regarded as \’vastu defect\’. Apply dark brown colour on the same side and use a lot of logs or wood in southwest portion of the house. Earthen tiles called \’khaprails\’ should be used to cover the wall of balcony from outside. As per vastu rules, the picture of human being is adorned on either south or west wall of the house. The picture of the child to be adorned should portray him/her healthy and be kept in sight always. Birds or animals should not be fed in the utensils of metal since magnetic energy is absorbed by them. The utensil utilizing for feeding birds must be made of soil as per vastu. As far as energies are concerned, the prime concentration should be towards the main entrance or main door. It would be auspicious to decorate the main door with festoon made up of Ashoka leaves. Tie 11 Ashoka tree\’s leaves with moli to make festoon for adorning the main door. Vastu conveys that prosperity will be trasmitted to your house. It is supposed to be inauspicious if there is a closed street in front of your house. For eliminating the ominous effect of the oretold vastu defect, bedeck your house with floral plants and install a focus light at the frontal wall of your house in such a manner that it\’s light will focus on your own house. Over-expenditure may be the consequence of keeping an earthern pot at the roof of the house as per vastu rules. Putting the earthen pot on the roof is considered as a vastu defect which is ominous also. So, utilize it instead of keeping it useless. The handicrafts, such as porcelain, having hollowness point towards vastu defects. These empty porcelain urns or pots can be brought in use by decorating flowers and pebbles or even a coin of Re.1 in them to avoid prodigal outflow of money.Liquid to the people should be donated in earthern utensils on any festive eve, such as Sankranti for bringing stability in your life.

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