Vastu Tips for Good Relationship

\”How to restore harmony in the life of married couple?\” is the main issue of the vastu to be dealt via this episode. As per first vastu tips, keeping pickle jar, cutlery piece, scissors or knives in open or vision, either on dining table or in kitchen, creates bitterness in married relationship which has been recently started. So, keep them stored in Kitchen cupboard. As per vastu norms, place gas-stove in east, sink or water-tap in north and fit door in north or northwest of the kitchen. Stairs in northeast hamper growth according to vastu; therefore, apply yellow paint and fix a looking glass on the north wall of the stairs. Red or any dark paint on north wall makes the occupants irritated and annoyed which, consequently, will create creaks in relationship. So, apply light shade, such as cream,lemon or yellow, on that wall as per vastu directions. Opened south of the plot leads to various problems since radiations disperse from here. So, plant Ashoka trees as per vastu solution for sorting out problems. According to tip of the show, door in north,east or northeast suggests application of cream, lemon and yellow colour on north wall. Door in south or southeast of the house points to apply red or brown paint on that wall. It is essential to apply dark brown (walnet colour) paint if your door is fixed in the southwest. In west or northwest, paint grey or silver colour if there is door in that wall. Looking mirror on the south wall leads to troubles in relationship. Vastu suggests north and east walls are fine to fix looking mirror. Northwest is called \’Naritya kona\’ in Vastu-shastra. It is considered as a direction of air (Vayu) as per vastu principles. If the water leaks from this direction, there will arise no problem. Fixed tap or water source on right side of the gas-stove leads to problems. North or east of the kitchen should have water source. The sink can be installed at the right hand side of the gas-stove. Fire and water elements are contrary to each-other which triggers clashes if they, both, get united in right side of the architecture.Therefore, they should be provided space in left side. Dark brown coloured powder namely \’Vastu Tilak\’ is a vastu element which is prepared with many herbs and spices,especially saffron, roli, clove, cardamom and many more. This tilak is to be anoint at the main gate and other doors as well for getting supernormal result since it appeases vastu-purush. It is said that only prosperity abides in the house where vastu-tilak is anointed. The room in northeast or east can be provided as study room to children. And studying while facing north is recommended in vastu and there should have wall at the back. Use Amethyst stone for enhancing concentration power of the children. Keep it on the study table and there should have gap of at least 8 to 10 feet between the learner and the wall. Drainage of water from southwest is assumed to be ominous due to which savings outflow. Northwest is also not meant for washing utensils. So, wash them slightly away from that direction. Dry flowers bring inauspiciousness in the house. Avoid decoration with dried flowers instead artificial flowers can be adorned. Red and white flowers give way to prosperity so, it\’s fine to embellish them.

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