Vastu Tips for Flooring

The matter of discussion in this series of vastu based show is how could the flooring, built as per vastu norms, bring prosperity in the house. The construction of flooring begins with main door. For enhancing prosperity, honour and fame, the flooring at the threshold would be elevated higher by approx. 3 or 4 inches since it is supposed to be auspicious as per vastu norms. For making your wish of owing a house come true, the wish should be written on a paper and kept in east of the temple; alongside, hanging a picture of a big building in south or southwest will also be helpful to you. Architects play with modern colours in building modern architecture; Hence, we colour the flooring with multiple shades. Vastu denies usage of dark colours in flooring, instead, pastel colours, especially the shades of the earth should be preferred. Vastu principles deny to sleep in northeast direction as this defect creates health problems. Apply dark brown colour on the main entry or door of southwest and fix a copper \’swastik\’ along with a family picture on the same wall of southwest. For eliminating the ominous effect of dark flooring, cover the flooring with light coloured carpet if no other amendments can be made. Combination of nature with vastu while establishing harmony gives earthen colours. So, light colours to be applied on flooring. Clumsy and untidy heap of unarranged things beneath the altar in a house casts harmful effect since this habit displeases the deity. Therefore, keep the scriptures assembled and discharge the petals in the flowing water or in soil of any plant or tree. While constructing the floor, begin with south and southwest floorings which should be higher in level than that of other flooring. Remember, the flooring of north and northeast should be relatively lower. The loopholes or craters in flooring are believed to be ominous as per vastu principles from the perspective of our fortune. It causes lapse of peace and calm and trifles rise. So, make those holes repaired or alternatively, cover it with mat. As scriptures go, marbles should be prohibited to be floored inside the house. It is an inauspicious act. White marble should be avoided for the flooring of the house as they should be restricted for the flooring of the temples; instead granite and tiles can be used. Neem tree in the southeast of the south facing house is thought to be fine as per vastu. The timber of teak(Sagwan) and rosewood (sheesham) is supposed to be auspicious for making furniture as per vastu. Vastu element called Vastu-Tilak (anointment) is assumed to be auspicious from the perspective of vastu if it is applied on the door since it consists of Kesar (saffron), Sugandh, roli & many other herbs which purify the entering vibes. Therefore, use it for remediating vastu defects and enhancing vastu of the house. Elevated northeast flooring symbolizes vastu defect and it should be the downward as compare to the other floorings of the house. South, southwest and west flooring should be slightly upward as per vastu guidelines.

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