Vastu Tips for Damaged Things at Home

Precious yet broken goods affect our life a lot. The clock or quartz, which is stopped and not in use, symbolizes hampered progression and growth despite putting contnuous efforts. Though, it is a meagre vastu defect yet it causes a huge decline. Broken or repaired utensils or crockery widen creaks of differences in relationship. Hence, throw them out of the house despite being costly. Stairs in north direction point towards vastu defect since they represent load which leads to hampering growth. So, apply yellow paint on stairs. Place black radia stone outside or near your house in case you have high intensity wire in front of your house to end the adverse effect of this vastu defect. The sea-salt can be utilized in case it is kept in sealed or air-tight container or sack; otherwise, change it. Water-boring in southwest denotes \’no saving\’ as per vastu. Therefore, plant Ashoka tree or betterment. Having entrance and septic tank simulataneously in east indicates vastu defect. Grow some floral plants or Palm tree instead of holy plants, such as Basil or Tulsi, near Septic tank to correct this vastu defect.A child should study while facing north direction. Apply pure white paint on west facing door and installing a white coloured focus light outside the house ,which has transformer and electric pole, will avert the vastu defect. Goddess of wealth, i.e. goddess Mahalakshmi, and broom are related to each other as per vastu norms since touching or kicking broom with leg would make the goddess angry and hence, the flow of finance gets affected. Similarly, erectedly put broom breeds quarrel and differences among family members. So, give place to broom in west. High northeast and low southwest flooring depicts vastu defects. Allpy dark brown colour in the room built in southwest; hang a picture of mountain on it and install a big almirah here. Broken or tarnished furniture triggers health problem which is considered as an ominous matter as per vastu. Let it be repaired. Installed wash basin in Agni-kona imbalances agni element of the house which imbues irritation, arragance and quarrel alongwith petty nuisance in life of occupants. Southeast corner is known as \’Agni-kona\’. Barriers in the route of progressive works are caused due to wear and tear of domestic things and articles, for example TV, refrigerator etc. One remediating vastu tip can never correct the vastu defect of entire house. Vastu element namely \’Energy Cleansing soap\’ is used for cleansing the vibes dispersing and moving in the ambience of the house. It is a semi-precious stone which is brought from Malaysia, Brazil and some parts of southeast Asia. It enhances the aura of our body if it is rubbed all over the body after taking shower. Broken idols or repaired idols represent lamb being. So, avoid keeping them in house. Toilet in northeast is a basic vastu defect which should be sorted out by keeping sea-salt and a plam plant here.