Vastu Tips for Curtains

The broadcasted episode is briefing you the significance of curtain. For hanging curtains as per theme, the shades falling between red & brown should be opted in case your room is located in south, southeast or southwest by virtue of vaastu directions. The room constructed in north, northeast and east of the house should have yellow, lemon or greenish coloured curtains. For west or northwest room, white, light blue, silver & metallic grey coloured curtain would be the best choice. \’Sphatik shankh\’ or crystalline conch is a vaastu element. As per Indian scripture, this crystalline conch came out of the womb of the ocean while churning of it. This conch epitomizes goddess Mahalakshmi. Therefore,enshrine it at the feet of goddess of wealth in your house. Its presence in the house ensures progress, promotion and prosperity. Having drainage system in southeast that indicates flowing of water towards \’Agni-kona\’ is identified as vaastu defect. Paint the walls of this corner with red colour. Fixing glass pieces pointing towards up on the fences of the upper storeys will be fine according to vaastu but fixing them in front will surely be wrong.

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