Vastu Tips for Conceiving

Vaastu can guide you how to cope up with the problem of infertility or inability to conceive in this episode. Northeast is considered as the most energetic area from where magnetic energy starts taking its route. Room of married couple in northeast causes severe problems as conception related problems. Thus, couple\’s bedroom should never be built in northeast of the house as per vaastu norms since it is very auspicious place. South, southwest or west are recommended ideal for constructing couple\’s room. East facing house is concluded as auspicious as per vaastu. Financial problems can strike you due to having kitchen in the north. So, paint its walls with yellow colour. Store room in north, too, invites triffles and quarrel in the house. Hence, vacate it instantly and switch on yellow coloured bulb there. The room in Agneya corner or southeast causes a bundle of problems such as peevishness, outbreak of quarrel, monitory loss and high blood pressure. For remediating effect, apply light green colour on its wall and place two rose quartz crystal balls inside. North & south poles are interconnected with each other. North discharges magnetic energy as it symbolizes the head of any individual. Sleeping in the room located in north can confound one and generate unrest also. Thus, the occupants remain unhealthy while sleeping there. Sleep with your head in south for getting positive result in conception as per vaastu. As the \’tip of thes show\’ conveys southwest should be analysed if there is any vaastu defect or not for averting delay inthe marriage of marriageable son or daughter. As per vaastu therapy, erect a pillar there, install an almirah or keep heavy plant vases there. Alleviating this corner would surely results in early marriage. Blue colour symbolizes water element; thus, it should not be applied on southwest wall since it\’s assumed to be a fire corner as per vaastu. Avoid sleeping under beam as it carries the load of entire roof which may result in infertility. North, northeast or east of the house can be utilized as \’drawing room\’. Having entrance door in northwest causes over expenditure. Pure white colour should be applied on the door. Keep spectra light stone in the southeast portion where water point is installed for absorbing negative vibes. Fix the sink in north of the east facing kitchen as per vaastu norms. Colours leave their influence on our nature and behaviour. Avoid using red and blue colour in case of being pregnant or pondering for family expansion since these colours are enriched with potent or heat energies. \’Live vaastu incense\’ rectifies the vaastu of living surrounding. The shown incense has numerous auspicious herbs as guggal, lobhaan etc. which correct our health and establish prosperity. Avoid using black granite in flooring or in kitchen since black colour is associated with planetary alliances. Vastu denies to have any provision of toilet in northeast. Having it in such direction leads to miscarriage. Thus place sea-salt & palm tree in the toilet of northeast as per rectifying remedy of Vaastu defect. Asthma or breathing related disorders along with retarding growth and lack of concentration shown by children can victimize you in case of having kitchen in northwest. Apply pure white colour there and shift the gas-stove in east as vaastu remedy. Northeast direction is an ideal location for water-boring.

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