Vastu Tips for Bathroom

It is the common opinion of vastu experts that toilet in northeast represents vastu defect. Therefore, toilet must not be built in that direction. Instead, northwest can be utilized for it as per vastu rules. It must be noticed that the toilet must have ventilation where smell should not be stagnantly spread. Idols of deities should be kept as less in number as possible and as far as torn scriptures and portrays are concerned, they should be wrapped in a cloth and preserved in the house instead of discharging them out in the river or water since river-water is contaminated and discharge would cause pollution. T-point is considered as a \’shool\’ in vastu term creating vastu defect which generates problems for the occupants. As per vastu solutions, Ashoka plants would be grown outside the house in front of T-point since it is a basic vastu solution. Toilet sheets play key role in it. The sheet must not be facing towards south, southwest, east and southeast. Examine the entering direction of the sun rays since toilet sheet should be fixed in that direction. Kitchen and bath-room should not be adjoining as per vastu norms since cooking should be avoided simultaneous to sewer line. Boring for water should be fixed in northeast or in north of the house. As per tip of the vastu show. Blank wall is thought to be inauspicious. Therefore, one or two pictures or clock should be there bedecked on the walls of the house. In Vastu, white colour, itself, consists of rainbow colours which is a supreme colour. It does not cast any vastu defect. So, it can be applied to the entire house. However, we want to apply bright colours in the bathroom but application of dark colours invites vastu defect. Bathroom is not an auspicious place to apply them. Earlier, toilets used to be built outside the house but now, it is constructed inside. Red, blue and black colour in bath-room should be avoided. As the foregoing colours are very strong shades which are attached to some planets. Apply light colours, such as white or cream or off white or brown or other pastel colours in it. Geyser or heating rod should be installed in south or southeast of the bath-room. Parking can be established in northwest of the west facing house. Kitchen in northwest depicts vastu defect. Apply white colour in it and spectra light stone should be placed near gas stove for getting off this vastu defect. Vastu element called \’tulsi-mala\’ (tulsi garland) will cast auspicious effect by eliminating negative aura, negative energy and diseases if it is hung at the door. It is considered as very auspicious for offering it to the deity. Cooler, air -conditioner or refrigerator would be placed in either west or north of the house as per vastu norms.Tap and shower should be fixed in the north portion of the bath-room. Bathing while facing north is considered as auspicious as the sun god appeases andmagnetic energies enter in our body. North, northeast or east directions are good for fitting mirror in bath-room. In any case, gas should be kept in east while sink should be in the north direction of the kitchen. Any extension or cut is not considered as good therefore, a looking glass should be fixed in northeast.