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If your spouse and you are not having good relations with each other then follow these vastu remedies.

First, the bedroom’s direction should be south, west or south-west.
South-east is the worst direction for a married couple as it is the place of fire. This direction leads to regular fights; either husband or wife remains angry all the time.
Books, shoes, utensils should not be kept inside the bed.
There should be one mattress on the double bed. For that, you can stitch another mattress at home and place it on top of the two mattresses.
The colour scheme of the bedroom, bed sheet and pillow covers should not be odd like red.
There shouldn’t be any photograph or painting which has some fierce animal in it like lion or elephant.
While going to sleep, instead of keeping a water bottle, alarm clock or mobile phone near your head, keep it on the floor or on the side of the table.
Some feng shui tips are that you can wear crystal, you can hang double-happiness symbol in south-west direction, etc. If you are having trouble in conceiving or are having miscarriages, then keep in mind that your bedroom should not be in north-east direction. And if there is some problem in south-west direction as well, then for sure miscarriages would happen. You would expect a son but you will get a daughter. Even if you get a son, he would be handicap or mentally-ill.

A vastu remedy for this problem is to coil 9 times a mauli/kalava around the waist.

Some people have the place of worship in the bedroom, even that is wrong. It is better to live on rent than to live in a north-east bedroom.

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