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In general sense, the problems, complicatons and dilemmas of people living in this whole world are more or less similar. Although people living abroad or foreigners are not aware of the ancient term “vastu” yet some of them are familiar with the foretold term but by different names, for instance, the ancient achitectural science is quite popular among females of UAE who call it the “Black magic”. The vastu expert and famous astrologer Mr. Naresh Singhal’s vastu tips are aired on the radio channel 89.4 frequency in UAE.

Ques. Abhishek Gupta has purchased a new property in Panipat in the year 2000. Why has he not been able to earn profit as well as happiness since the day he shifted to that property?

Ans. As per vastu norms, “Vastu for underground tank” states if the house is facing south, southwest or southeast direction with basement, it may start creating problems and troubles for the owner or his family.

The guidelines mentioned in Vastushastra convey that “Vastu for underground tank” suggests if the underground tank is fixed in the northeast, north or east direction, the problems will start blooming in the house inflicting all of its inhabitants. If the same tank is placed in the southeast corner of the plot then the given below problems would start troubling:

The profit would definitely be wasted or dumped into vain.
There will always be possibility of setting fire and theft, developing disbelief on the guard and staff members due to placing underground tank in southeast side of the house.
According to “Vastu for underground tank” scripted under vaastu norms, the underground tank or boring in the south directly affects the owner of the house or the highest responsible authority (manager) of the business property adversely.

“Vastu for underground tank” recommends the north direction or the northeast direction as good for underground tank or boring as it will reduce the troubles to half. The name and fame can easily be earned by placing the same in the east direction.

“Vastu for underground tank” clarifies that the owner should be aware about the breakage in the northeast or southwest while fixing underground tank or boring there.

“Vastu for overhead tank” recommends the south, west and southwest directions as the best for installing overhead tank there. The underground water tank or boring in these directions should be understood as ‘weight’ instead of water element. The northeast and northwest directions invite tension and no profit if the overhead tank is fixed there according to “Vastu for overhead tank”. You will bear only unknown “loss”.

According to “Feng shui for wind chime” Wind chime should be of metal and does not have 4 rods if your house is either north or northeast facing.

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