Vastu for Terrace

We follow trends that are in blindly, nonetheless, we lack enough space for accommodating things in the house. People tend to grow terrace garden at the roof of their houses for abstaining themselves from going out for experiencing rejuvenation. Vastu denies accommodating earth element at the roof in the form of soil. It should be neat and clean and the drainage system over there should also be proper. Earthen pots or urn can be put there but the idea of growing a garden at roof should be discarded. Soil interrupts the flow of energy and its exact place is on the ground. Water tank at southeast and southwest may create problem for you since it represents vastu defect. Make it shifted. Study room in northwest for the students attaining higher education would keep them confused regarding which book should be read. Vastu advocates studying in the room built in northeast while facing north and wall should be at the back. Revolving chair is believed to be bad one as per vastu for students. The room in northwest is considered bad for married couples as per vastu norms since it brings confusions and intimacy, too, dries between spouces. The room in south, southwest or west would be good one for them. The houses should have solid lantern though it may be sloppy but the roof made of garter is not good from the perspective of vastu. Vastu confirms to dig a tubewell in north, northwest, northeast and east. Temple above the porch is considered as wrong as per vastu rules. Fear of any kind is thought to be not good. Confidence is essential instead. Vastu element called \’garland made of tigerstone beads\’ gives confidence and energy to face up the fear or phobia and challenge. This vastu element can be hung in car and worn by you in hand and neck at any time. As per vastu guidelines, a door in front of study-table causes no harm. Toilet at the diagonal line of southwest is concluded to be a vastu defect. For remediating this defect, spectra light stone should be kept at the exact line of the diagonal to absorb negative energies. Bedroom in southeast causes irritation and arrogance and northeast leads to health problem. White colour should be painted in southeast and rose quartz crystal balls should also be kept while in northeast, lemon colour should be painted. According to vastu, entry of rainwater through creaks or cracks settles poverty in the house. Hence, roof should be repaired immediately to avoid leakage. As per vastu rules, cooking should be done facing east and southwards sleeping is recommended.

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