Vastu for Job

Five miraculous vastu solutions will be disclosed for assuring auccess in business, promotion in designation etc. While enduring the charge of any authoritative job or business, the owner must avoid the usage of northwest room that can be either of your office cabin, bed room or any corner of your showroom since it contains negative energy which never ever allow you to climb on the ladder of supernatural success & will not grant you stability. You ought to paint the walls of this corner with white colour & keep tiger stone with you in case you do not have any other alternative solution. Vandana Aggarwal has query regarding vastu defects of having water tank above her apartment and the gas-stove that is placed adjoining to water disposing sink in the kitchen. As per vastu norms, water tanks should be installed above the stairs but if such arrangement seems impossible to be done then highlight the portion with porper lightning. Kavita from Mumbai wants to know the correct direction for keeping heavy goods. As per vastu norms, southwest direction is ideal for stuffing the heavy goods & keep an image of mountain there. Against the vastu query of having entrance that opens towards west and marriage is not getting arranged of any marriageable in the house. According to vastu shastra, fix a Swastik made of copper at the southwest opening of the house. Keep the north wall exempted from any possession for getting a good job. But keeping heavy goods such as almirah or doing storage in the same corner retards the financial inflow & progression of your business. Apply yellow paint and fix a big mirror there. Entrance in south and assigning a room in the west to a marriageable daughter are absoutely fine form the perspective of vastu. In order to enhance the energy of south zone, paint the portion with red colour and install a silver Swastik there. Desire to marry or married couple should keep two rose quartz stones in bed room. Live vastu can help you to make your dreams regarding career come true. You should be positive and rest your back against north while studying. Do not sit under or nearby any beam. The images or painting of wild beast, depicting violence should never be installed in the bedroom. The image of tiger drinking water is auspicious picture representing prosperity. It can be pasted at any part such as on north wall. Wall clock should be installed on either north or east wall since wall clock in north ensures wealth and the same in east credits fame to your name. Having any source of heat production as pantry, boiler in southwest of a factory, office and house unstablizes mind as well as interrupts growth in life. Entry from the northwest is absolutely fine. Apply pure white paint there. Furnish wooden ceiling in order to avert the disaster of beam at the entrance. Shut any one gate out of three to rectify the vastu defect of having 3 entrance doors. Plant Ashoka tree in front of the office located at T-point and fix a focus light in the office. Adorning the picture portraying rising sun on the east wall will be auspicious in order to assure progress & promotion. An \’ashta dhatu\’ idol of a cow with a calf symbolizes prosperity since maternal relation is assumed to be the sacredmost relation of all. Adorning such idol in either living room or in the temple can improve your relation with parents & such couples that desire to conceive a child. Entrance can be fixed in east & north in the house facing northeast. Grow floral plants and paint light colour in the ambience where the electricity pole is erected in the east as they absorb the discharged negative energy. For west facing office ,Keep the east wall clean; paint the wall with green light colour while the door should be white in colour & adorn natural bunch of flowers in the office for improving communication. In vaastu, northeast is termed as the direction of water. Keep any water element or source in this direction for enhancing propetious atmosphere such as earthern pot, drinking water & fountain but avoid the sources of stagnant water as aquarium.

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