Vastu for Daughter Marriage

\’Toran\’or festoon invites wealth. You should fasten red festoon outside your house for welcoming the relatives with whom you want to strengthen the bond with them, especially for arranging marriages positively. Establish puja-room in northeast as it is an auspicious location which needs to be kept clean.You or your daughter can enshrine \’Gauri-Shanker rudraksha\’ on any Monday in puja-room. While introducing prospective bride with the to-be groom, the would-be bride should sit facing north for successful interaction. Throw dried flowers or the dried floral plants before going to have marriage related talk. Instead, adorn fresh flowers or artificial blooming flowers for having successful marriage related conversation. Take refuge under the reverence of lord Ganesha as he is capable of rectifying each vaastu defect of the house. Offer cardamom, supari & misri to the same deity on Wednesday and welcome the guests by serving this \’prasada\’ as it is considered as auspicious for establishing harmonial relations. The house sight having any bouder or rock is considered inauspicious from the point of vaastu. But that site can be utilized for serving commercial purpose. The room at northwest is ideal for marriageable daughters. Water source at the right side of the gas-stove in the kitchen can outbreak disputes. Water source should be in the north while gas-stove should be in the east. East facing house is excellent as per vaastu since it gives way to sunlight to come inside interruptedly. Bed-room in southwest is considered as an excellent location as per vaastu. Keep two balls of \’rose-quartz crystals\’ in the room of marriageable daughter for arranging her marriage soon. The presence of any water source as water-tank or toilet in southeast can lead to termination of prospective marriage talk. Make it shifted to avert such vastu defect. Instead of keeping glass dining table, prefer to have either square or rectangular wooden dining table on the wooden top of which plain glass can be fixed. As per vaastu tip, check out all electronic bulbs and tubes whether they are working or fused. Either replace them or kick them out of the house for continuous growth in life. \’Radia stone\’ absorbs negative radiation from the place where it is kept.This stone rectifies vastu defect and for keeping the fury of lord Shani at bay also by keeping it at west wall. For averting negative aura, keep it in the centre of the house. It is found in Brazil, czechoslovakia and in some part of India also. For coping-up numerous vastu defects, keep northeast portion clean and establish \’mangal-kalash\’ there. Fix a looking glass on the northern wall of the study room or of workplace except bed-room for achieving success in any work. Backside door in southwest is a vastu defect which should be rectified by locking it and by using it on minimum occasions.Avoid adorning idol of any deity at the entrance of the house. And don\’t hang it at the door by peircing nail since deity as lord Ganesha is placed inside the house. Water-tank in southwest causes delay in the marriage of bachelors; therefore, shift it in the northeast of your house according to vastu rules. Fix a big looking glass as long as your height at the northeast corner which has cut that represents a vastu defect. The best direction for entrance is east. \’Swastik\’ symbolizes lord Ganesha which can be placed anywhere except toilet in the house. West facing entrance is bad in context of stability. Thus, make the entrance door short, white in colour and heavy. Interruption in marriage indicates vastu defect in northeast which should not be high. \’Toran\’ or festoon is an adorning straight garland-like array of red flowers weaved in a thread that is hung at the threshhold of the house. For selling property as early as possible, place a \’Maruti-yantra\’ in southeast direction inside your house.

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