Vastu and Metals

Furniture is the thing that provides comfort a lot to every occupant in the house. Metal and crafted furniture is thought to be inauspicious since the ground emanates magnetic vibes and our environment also consists of magnetism. The interference in emanation of magnetic vibes from both sources is considered as bad from the perspective of vastu shastra. Metallic furniture is unhealthy for us. Thus, it is essential to have wooden furniture in the house. The current present in magnetic energy brings pull effect and iron helps in attracting the current most. Therefore, bad conductor, i.e. wood, should be used to avoid attraction. Apply pure white colour to the wall of main gate located in the west and collect money in southwest and keep \’Lakshmi cowrie\’, \’Gaumati-chakra\’ or \’citrine\’ stone in the treasure box kept in southwest. Make a \’Swastik\’ with roli at the gate of the east facing house as the swastik made up of Kumkum and roli brings fruitful result. As per Vastu norms, instead of fixing iron made spiral stairs, use stairs carved out of wood or concrete. The vibes and energy requires flow and steel is the worst element to give it flow so, it should not be used in stairs. Studying in altar of the house facing north, east or northeast is considered as auspicious from the perspective of vastu that maintains concentration. Vastu conveys that creaking sound from windows and doors destroys positive energy. So, oil windows, doors and furniture to combat any such situation. Din generates negative energy in the house. Children\’s voice creates positive energy while aggressive tone disturbs aura of the house as well as individual vastu also gets disturbed. Copper mug and all utensils for serving god should be used in the religious rituals and rites as per tip of the show. Sometimes, we use silver or steel which is unfit as perspective of vastu as copper has an edge over silver as far as auspiciousness is concerned. Eating food in copper utensils is prohibited for human being. According to vastu guidelines, guests should be served food in silver utensils since it flourishes prosperity. Vastu suggests having \’T-point\’ in south is supposed to be a vastu defect since it casts adverse effects upon your house. Therefore, fix a picture of \’Panchmukhhi Hanuman\’ outside the house in such a manner that his view would be glanced at first while entering the house and plant an Ashoka tree covering T-point.Septic tank in southwest is considered wrong as per vastu principles which causes delay and outflow of funds. Thus, make it shifted to northwest direction. If it seems impossible then plant floral plants and tree surrounding it. Vastu element called \’Lakshmi Haldi\’ is brought from south India. It is believed that adorning this (5 parts) haldi (turmeric) before god Ganesha and goddess Lakshmi would appease them & stablizes them in the house. This turmeric can also be kept in treasure box also. Main gate should be made up of Steel-iron as it will ensure security and apply pure white colour on it. Revivification of energy can possibly be stored through crystals and earth elements surrounding you. Keep earthen pots or urns in your surrounding for correcting energy-flow. For stablizing inflow of money, adorn \’Mahalakshmi yantra\’ or any other appeasing element for goddess Mahalakshmi, such as yellow cowrie.

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