Vaastu for Kitchen | Vastu Tips for Kitchen

It is believed if the kitchen is located at its proper place then prosperity and health continue to flourish in the house. Kitchen is an integral part of our life and food is essential for our health since we can neither survive nor work without it. We eat two kinds of food, i.e. Taamasik and Saatvik. The food in which warming components involving meat as well are present is called Taamsik food. Our health and behaviour react in the same manner as Taamsik stands for \’aggressive\’ in nature. Saatvik connotes silent and harmonious nature. Saatvik kitchen is requisite as it keeps us cool and calm and we would be contented within the available goods. Alongside, calmness is necessary to work with concentration. Having entrance in the north direction is considered as fine for increasing the flow of funds according to vastu. The gate should be made of light material and paint it with light shade. South is termed as the best kitchen site as per vastu norms since it considered as having neutral effect. Vastu defect is created if south is open while the north closed. Bedeck north with light painting portraying fountain or water and paint this wall with yellow colour to let in energy where as in south direction, hang heavy curtains and load it with heavy storage in order to avoid the leakage of energy from that side. Toilet in east is a vastu defect which needs to be kept neat and clean and place a bowl full of sea-salt or any plant to incarnate pious energy. South direction is not supposed to be a propitious one as far as study is concerned.North should not be at the back while studying. Computer should be installed facing south and the learner should study facing north. The affect of vastu defect deteriorates the health of the person who manages the kitchen, especially a surgery would be surely undergone.Such problems arise if the kitchen is located in the northeast. The vastu defect of kitchen rouses tiffs, quarrels, clashes, disagreement or litigation, imbalanced flow of finance and the payment resumes to be deferred. Therefore, kitchen is vital. KItchen in southwest is also not fine from the perspective of vastu. Three doors on the same side should be abandoned. Keep the middle door shut for correcting the vastu defect. Vastu is all about placing and installing things or locating rooms in the directions mentioned in Vastu guidelines. Vastu expert tries to restore the low level of energy with the alternate energy storage for overlapping the lacking energy. A defect can never be restraint. Vastu solutions can diminish the affect of defect a bit. For instance, toilet in northeast indicates vastu defect which is hard to be corrected. The solutions implemented as vastu solution is not a part of vastu but the alternate therapies of various science. They don\’t have any direct relation with Vastu. Installation of water tank above kitchen is inauspicious rather it should be in southwest, except the kitchen. All second hand goods consist of the energy of last user of them; therfore avoid them. Toilet in southeast is ominous as kitchen would be suitable here. South or west direction is good for building toilet. The frontal side, i.e. southwest,of the south facing house should have provision for master bed room. And kitchen should be in southeast. North can be utilized as living or drawing room while study room can be in the east. Toilet must not be located in north or east. Southeast is an ideal location for kitchen as the lord of southeast is believed to be deity \’Agni\’ from the perspective of religion. But scientifically, the sun rays fall with intensity that discharges excessive heat and energy. The same heat and infra red rays of the sun eliminate the possibility of dampness, negative energy and kill germ also in that kitchen. It sanctifies the surrounding of the kitchen. KItchen in southwest outflows the vital energy as it completely burns out having come in contact with the magnetic energy triggering from northeast which leads to anxiety, depression and endures no saving. Asthma or nay other respiratory disorders shoot due to kitchen in northwest. Northeast is the worst location for kitchen as the originated magnetic energy burns out at the same place and does not disperse in the entire house. It lead to surgery, accidents and problems. The study table should not be stuck to the wall and wall should be at the back while learning facing north. The books and shelves should be sorted and there should have no beam over in the study room. The table should be arranged and unoccupied. Amethyst gemstone should be placed on it for enhancing focus. Unlike rectiification science, vastu is important for us. Past karmas can be nullified by donating anything. Fixed karmas can be improved via pray and the vastu can be corrected by taking corrective measures as per vastu norms. An ideal vastu expert should have doctrate degree or possess knowledge of any ancient science or scriptures, such as Maya Matang, related to vastu along with the acknowledgement of new therapies and experience. Remedial vastu is suggested only after inspecting the living place. A tree can be cut down only after going through some expected rituals since it too has consciousness & life. You can repent over this sin by planting more trees at some other place. Well in southwest represents vastu defect that hampers accomplishment of many works of the occupants. It can be suitable in north or northeast direction. South, southwest and northwest are fit to build steps in odd number. Gate in southwest should be avoided in south facing factory, it would be rather sutable in the center of south or towards southeast. Paint it with red colour and fix a silver swastik for bringing prosperity. The gas-stove should be placed in east of the kitchen in southeast while the source of water in it should be installed in north. Bedroom in northwest is ominous as it retards growth in business and job while storing stability on professional front. Health will be damaged and mind will also remain confused since he sleeps with head in north and legs in south direction. Thus, energy collapses.