Vaastu Directions for Kitchen

Temple should not be within the periphery of residence as per vaastu. Having kitchen in northeast is considered as Vaastu defect that invites health disorders. For averting its affect, yellow paint can be applied in the kitchen; alongside, install spectra light there and place a radia stone also. For getting off the inauspicious affect of toilet located in east, keep sea salt & palm plant inside. Bed room should be built in southeast of the house. 2 to 3 thousand varieties of crytal are found all around the world which are termed as \’minerals\’ having specific chemical formations. Formation of a crytal takes thousand years to come into existence. Crystals are selected as per your requirement, for instance rose quartz crystal is seleted for dousing aggression; plain quartz crystal can be used for rousing aggression; radia stone or spectra stone can reduce the severity of radiation. The better the quality of crytal the better its result would be. According to vaastu norms, southeast is the direction that is meant for kitchen while child\’s room should be constructed in either south or west direction. Delay in finding suitable match for marriageable daughter can be the outcome of alloting her room in southwest. Make her shifted to another room or place two balls of rose quartz crystal in her room. Leave 15% more land unoccupied in north direction while constructing the house facing either east or south. The therapy of two distinguished \’Shri-Yantras\’ of different.\’ Ashta Lakshmi shri-yantra\’ is known as \’Shri-yantra\’. There is no need to do \’pran-pratishthha\’ of the aforementioned \’Shri- yantra\’. It\’s better to enshrine \’Sphatik Shri-Yantra\’ in the house. Another \’Shri-yantra\’ should be crafted on \’bhoj-patra\’. You can draw it on any auspicious occasion but it needs a lot of time to do so. Mind should be fresh and focus should be fixed right on the target before going for an interview. Adorn utensils in kitchen & those should be properly washed also. Children\’s room should be located in either south or west & apply pastel colours in them. Light blue colour can be painted on the walls of girls\’ room; pink, yellow or green colour can also be painted in the room built in south. Pink or light green colour should be applied in the room located in southeast for implementing remediating effect in mother\’s room and place rose-quartz or moonstone\’s ball in it. As per vaastu norm, having toilet in east indicates vaastu defect. Place sea-salt & palm tree in such toilet for reducing the negative impact of vaastu defect. The room in northwest should be alloted to marriageable daughter. Tiger stone and white agate stone can be kept simultaneously. Unlike marble, white agate stone is categorized in precious and semi-precious stone. Enshrine the figurine of lord Ganesha in southwest facing northeast of Puja-room. Establish \’Mangal-kalash\’ in northeast on Monday and keep your \’Resume\’ nearby it for getting success. North direction represents an abode of lord Kubera. Therefore, keep it clean and avoid constructing any toilet here. Cooking while facing south brings \’Taamasik\’ affect negating \’Satvik qualities\’. Entrance from northwest will induce instability and confusion. Hence, pure white colour should be painted on the walls there. Fix a silver swastik outside the door in southeast or 9 pavilion stone also. \’Study-mala\’ is made up of three crystals namely Amethyst (violet coloured) for conceiving concentration, rose quartz-crystal for eliminating peevishness and pure quartz crystal for procuring energy. You can hold it in your hand or beside you while studying in any room. The house built upon the bulged land that is below the main road is treated as vaastu defect. Immediately install a focus light outside the main entrance of the house. Keeping tiger stone rock near your pillow at night boosts confidence as it disperses positive vibes and you get empowered. You can keep it with you during interview also. Apply pure white paint on the entrance-door in northwest and grow \’Ashoka tree\’ for averting the disaster of having temple in front of your house. Fix a \’swastik\’ at the main entrance and enshrine lord Ganesha inside the puja-room of the house. Avoid sticking it against the main gate as it\’s back to the opening of the house breeds poverty in the house.

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