Uric Acid | Enlarged Testicles | Skin Problems

People having skin problems, like dark complexion, must apply roasted turmeric and honey paste on their face.Also, they must apply fuller earth (multani mitti) on their whole body and then take bath with Neem water to cure skin problems. They must also drink neem water and Turmeric milk for ot ginving any chance to skin problems.

For the problem of enlarged Testicles, apply fuller earth (multani mitti) paste on stomach. You can also tie water soaked cloth on your stomach to cure enlarged testicles.

If there is the problem of much uric acid production, then have hot water after meal and also drink it after every 2 hours.Drink butter milk mixed with turmeric to tay away from Uric acid problem. They must also eat egg plant for curing problem of uric acid.

If you are having spots around the eye area, then apply the paste of honey and warm turmeric on the skin problem area. Then, put few drops of rose water in your eyes for 4-5 times a day. One must also ensure a proper sleep and drink butter milk mixed with aesofetida and cumin seeds for getting rid of skin problems. For the people with nails problem, drink turmeric milk and apply mustard oil on your nails.