Treatment of Strain Muscle

Pulling of muscles is termed as strain muscles in medical world that is classified into three grades, i.e. grade 1, 2 and 3 while any injury to ligament is called sprain. Grade 1 and 2 sprain is curable without undergoing any surgery since muscles of a patient are pulled partially in such cases. MRI, blood test and physical test to judge the strength of muscles and bones are conducted for estimating the recovery period. Severe paralytic attack due to blood clotting in brain,terrible joint pain, multiple sclerosis, frozen shoulders and parkinson like diseases can be healed with the aid of physiotherapy now which used to require only surgery earlier.After diagnosis of such maladies by a neurosurgeon, the vital role of a physiotherapist begins who recommends exercises and diet-plan along with laser treatment, stimulation and magnetic waves treatment to save the patient from getting bed-ridden.

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