Treatment for Osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis is a joint disease in which our joint bones become abrasive or large(abnormal growth of bones) when we reach approximately 50 years of age. This abrasion or enlargement of joints\’ bone shoots as \’severe pain\’ that can be cured by following healthy diet-chart including calcium and exercise in daily regimen.Cervical pain can strike to any individual of any age-group who indulges mainly in study-work and takes stress such as teachers, doctors, students. Cervical is related to spinal vertebrae and its pain extends to both legs while passing through lumber (lower back). The nerve under spinal vertebrae is pressed due to which pain conceives and extends. The symptoms of it are drastic pain, tinkling sensation, stirring and vomiting sensation, numbness, high BP and stiffness in joints. Consult an experienced physiotherapist and maintain a healthy meal schedule to combat this disease.

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