Treatment by Yoga | Yoga | Naturopathy

According to yoga & health expert Anil Bansal, Vedic-Amrit is an incredible herbal medicine for energizing body and alleviating birth of any disease.

According to naturopathy tips, Constipation can be quenched by consuming buttermilk with asafoetida(heeng) and cumin seeds (jeera) in lunch.

Ayurvedic treatment for constipation goes as drink ajwain water thrice a day, a cup of grape juice in the morning. As per naturopathy, Anil Bansal recommends wrapping a towel soaked in hot ajwain water for giving warmth to tummy.

For curing pain of sciatica via Naturopathy, boil a glass of water and milk together along with 1g of garlic clove into it and then, have it 2 times a day. As per naturopathy tips, you can add honey, jaggery in it but avoid artificial sugar. As per advice of Anil Bansal, take it every alternate week for a month. Cook 100g soaked wheat to consume and beat waist pain.

According to naturopathy, Anil Bansal suggests that height hormones can be stimulated by having a glass of mixed juice made of tomato,beetroot and carrot and pomegranate juice during the day.

As per treatment by yoga, stretch hands and legs while laying on the ground straight can lengthen height.