Tiredness in Body | Knee Pain | Dark Complexion | Tips for Hairfall | Naturopathy Tips

For tiredness in body do deep breathing after every ine hour, it will increase the intake of oxygen and you will feel agile and intake proteinous food like sprouts, grains, green vegetables, seasonal fruits, salad, etc Also soak 8-10 raisins in water during night and consume both that water and raisins in the morning, The diabetic pateint must use fig instead of raisins,. Also eat date wioth milk as this will also help in reducing tiredness. For the problem of knee pain do sesame oil massage and apply ginger paste on knees. if you want to have fair complexion mix riped banana pulp with water soaked almonds that too rubbed on some stone and honey and apply it on your face and then wash with warm water when it dries, apply suncreen while going out in sun and cover your face with some cloth. If you are facing the problem of hairfall then avoid using chemical shampoosfast food, junk food and eat proteinous food. One can also consume powdered dry amla, black sesame seed and bhringraj powder mixed in equal quantities and eat this powder twice a day.