Tips for Weight loss | Constipation | Home Remedies

Naturopathy can help you to remain fit & fine always by following some regular home remedies. As per our daily routine & hectic life schedule, the major problem of most of the individual is obesity or over-weight. To overcome that follow the tips for weight loss. Do nadi mudra, drink hot water after every meal. Tie water soaked bandage on stomach 3 times a day, this practice decreases the size of your tummy upto many inches following tips for weight loss. Do the described aasans (exercises) regularly.

To get rid from choked throat, heat up turmeric mix it in water, do gargles and then take a full teaspoon of honey as per health remedies. Also mix roasted turmeric in honey & have it daily. Heat up the towel & apply it on your throat for heating effect. it is an effective health remedy. Take milk mixed with turmeric & munakka to make your disease reatrded. Avoid taking sugar, you can take it in the form of jaggery or desi sugar according to health remedies.

Make your daily routine healthy & stay away from constipation by avoiding fried food items in your diet. In the morning take a hot glass of water if you have constipation or you can take normal water.

Go upstairs & downstairs 10-12 times to get a healthy body as per health remedies. Tie water soaked bandage on your stomach & then do asans for good results. Do 12 asans (exercises) of Surya namaskar daily. In breakfast take apple juice or tea. In lunch take buttermilk along with the milk. Every night take milk with a pinch of turmeric in it as per health remedies.