Tips for Skin Problems | Facial Hair | Skin Tanning | Lip Care

Our body contains 70% water since all metabolic activities need it to carry on their functioning. A normal being needs 8 to 10 glasses of water per day. But those who gorge on vegetables and fruits, their body needs less water because such food is enriched with natural fluid/water. Facial hair should be removed by threading, waxing, shaving (on temporary basis) and laser treatment (for permanent hair removal). A woman should take care of her beauty and health by using kitchen items such as application of moong dal or masoor dal paste while performing her domestic chores. To eliminate tan effect from your skin, apply the paste of soaked almond for quaint glow on your skin. Internal and environmental problems can also trigger skin disorders such as constipation and allergans (pollens). Apply the grinded paste of rose petals or rose water or honey to transform your lips reddish, luscious and soft.