Tips for reversing Diabetes | Swelling in Thyroid | Depression

As per tips for reversing diabetes, the diabetic patients ought to eat chapattis made of the dough that has wheat flour, gram flour and barley flour and roast them before making the dough. Avoid eating half cooked food as it will be difficult to digest and also, makes the functioning of liver improper.

Take 1 Bitter Guard (Karela) and 3-4 tomatoes and drink their juice as per tips for reversing Diabetes. The diabetic patients must drink butter milk also. Take a walk before and after meal for 10-15 minutes as it is very necessary to digest the food according to tips for reversing Diabetes.

Tie a water soaked cloth on your stomach, this is proved to be one of the beneficial tips for reversing Diabetes in & weight loss. For curing diabetes, one must cut the lemon and take out its seeds with the help of a stick and then apply Katha on both sides of lemon and then join both the pieces and put it outside whole night and then consume its juice in the morning before meal as per tips for reversing diabetes.

For reducing the swelling in thyroid patients drink coriander water and do hot water gargle mixed with salt and alum to cure swelling in thyroid.

Depression can be the cause of inadequate sleep. For people with inadequate sleep, wake up early before the sun rises, take bath and then stand in the sun and try to absorb the sun rays. Depression is cured via massage. Also, one must massage the spinal cord and drink pomegranate juice. To cope up with depression, eat white pumpkin seeds.