Tips for hair fall | Weight loss Tips | Home Remedies

Our life is the God’s precious gift but sometimes, we have to face so many health related problems. So, here are some simple home remedies to keep you healthy by Anil Bansal. In case of migraine related problem, lay down on bed and hang down your head, place some plastic sheet on the floor and then pour at least one bucket water on your head, forehead and eyes slowly with the help of a mug. As per more home remedies, drink apple juice as the apple juice contains melic acid which is very good cure of headaches. Drink buttermilk mixed with asafetida and cumin, this will help to cure headache, digestion problem and acidity caused due to constipation and gastric problem under Home remedies. Also, tie water soaked cloth around your stomach; this would also be very beneficial for migraine pain.

As per home remedies or tips for hair fall, apply lemon juice or paste of Berry leaves onto your hairs before washing it. Then, wash your hair with the help of fuller’s earth (multani mitti). Also, ensure not to apply any soap or shampoo as they contain chemicals which can damage your hair. Add 1 teaspoon triphla to water and let it be soaked overnight and then, in the morning filter that water and drink that. Wash your hair with the trifla water adding fuller earth and curd to it. Wash your hair with that as per tips for hair fall.

Massage your hair with coconut and almond oil mixed in equal proportions. Using shampoos on your hair makes your hair very dry. It will also take away the natural oil from your scalp. Drink carrot, tomato and beet root juice in winters as it provides nutrition to your hair and helps in reducing hair fall problem. Wake up early in the morning before the sun rises and try to absorb the sun rays from your mouth to have healthy hair.

There are many simple weight loss tips, such as drinking warm water after having meal; Pressing ring finger with thumb, fastening water soaked cloth or towel around your stomach tightly. Weight loss tips advocates for drinking white pumpkin juice and you can add 3-4 lemons juice to warm water. Add honey and drink that for five days and give a gap of 2 days and repeat this process for one month. As per weight loss tips, you also have to avoid fried food, and freezer item.