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Horoscope can tell whether business is profitable for an individual or not. Astrology conveys the position of mercury concludes possibility of owing business. For commencing business, the position of ascendence and 5th aspect (the house of valour)play significant role. Third most important point is to know the position of lord of destiny. After concluding the interpreted points, examine 10th aspect that is the house of career or business. Evil eye of more than one malefics on 10th aspect alarms to forget about business. One must consider these points before starting business-Which planets are commuting in the aspect of benefits? Lunar or solar eclipse, Budh or Shani chaandaal dosha or Lakshmi grahan dosha due to Venus can inflict you during dasha, antardasha or pratyantar dasha. You would confront various problems such as dissolution of lifetime\’s saving, bankruptcy, indebtedness, non-payment of installments.You must reserve the funds that would have been earned during fortunate days because ups and downs resume throughout life. Diagnose astrological defects in time. The impacting time of Ketu along with Rahu in 6th aspect may ruin anyone\’s career or business. Strengthen the impact of 1oth for owing profitable business along side, check the condition of lord of 5th aspect if malefics are influencing it or not. Ignoring them is a guarantee of confronting ill luck and failure. The coalition of the lord of benefit with benefics can help you to come across severe financial crisis. On the other hand, effect of malefics on 5th aspect makes you cranky and stressful.Indian scriptures suggests various astrological diagnoses such as \’Ganesh or Lakshmi Poojan\’, establishing \’meru-yantra\’ or \’shri-yantra\’ according to exact ritual to be carried out for inhibiting peace and success. Randeep (born on 10.12.1986 at 5:45 p.m. in Punjab) wants to know about his health and career. His horoscope shows astrological defects called \’lunar eclipse\’ (chandra-grahan) and Moon and Rahu, both are housed in 10th aspect which are affecting his health. Fear or suspicion of failure in heart will take toll. The second defect in his hoeoscope is called \’lagnaadhipati dosha\’ which means that the lord of ascendence,i.e. mercury, in 6th aspect is causing health disorder and putting liabiility. Mercury is impacting in the mahadasha of venus.Thus, He must have to offer vermilion coloured cloth on every Tuesday; visit and summon lord hanuman via enchanting Hanuman Chalisa till 27 days perpetually while offering vermilion to him; wear emerald on wednesday and feed spinach to a cow.

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