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As per astrology, ‘time track’ is a term which tracks the link between the time and the life of living creatures. ‘Vedic Astrology’ confirms profound connection between the time track and Astrology. For instance, as the rainy season approaches, the rings appearing on the bark of the tree get enlarged as compare to those in winter season when they appear smaller.

The ‘top astrologer’ P.K.Sarna responses to the query from Ramesh Sehgal who is the native of New Delhi and his birth timing is 10:15. He wants solution for his hefty debt due to wrong selection of profession from construction to import/export of shoes.

According to astrology, Ramesh’s lagan is libra while his lagnesh lies in lagan. The shani (Saturn) is of low dashaa. His Ketu through Mercury indicates they both are in perfect position. ‘Vedic Astrologer’ P.K. Sarna confirms that his Jupiter is in Rahu’s house whereas Rahu is in 12th house which both indicate heavy loss due to undergoing fraudulent incidents’ experiences and doubtful dealings. Hence, astrology solution concludes that he should wear rudraksha of 3,4,5,10,11 faces (mukhi) while dealing in construction business.

As per astrology solutions, you ought to feed fish and turtle with small rounded wheat dough pieces on every Saturday or every day, if possible. This ‘Vedic astrologer’ advises him to décor a ‘Krishna’s idol’ at office for adding wealth, reducing loss as your income will keep on surmounting.

Ragini is the student of 12th and her friend circle is the main hurdle in carving her future ‘bright’. Her date of birth is 26th November, 1993.

In another case, this ‘Vedic astrologer’ responds that winding up her friend circle would be beneficial for Ragini as her affairs would keep on troubling her studies. As per astrology for concentration in studies, the dashaa of sun, moon, mercury and Rahu seems suspicious as distraction can damage her studies and career. She should wear rudraksha of 4,9 and 11 mukhi for enhancing her concentration in studies. The ‘budh graha’ puja and offering water to the sun are recommended for eliminating her defect in Kundali/ horoscope.

In order to remove vaastu dosh or vastu defect of the house situated at T-point with an electrical pole at front, ‘Vedic astrologer’ Mr. P.K. Sarna recommends to lit a yellow bulb in the kitchen continuously, place a vastu mirror at the front gate of the house for negating the vastu dosha of pole and grow Tulsi on both sides of the main gate for reducing the negative impact of Y-point. Hang a ‘Wind chime’ at the kitchen gate but avoiding the middle of the gate.

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