Thyroid | Varicose Veins | Seasonal disease

Treatment for seasonal disease:

Eat fruits.
As per cure for seasonal disease, Watermelon carries 0% cholesterol. It will help you to end the trouble of constipation instantly from the root.
Have buttermilk with the meal at noon so that your body would become immune to endure heat waves. It also has calcium that is beneficial for bones.
Do ‘Suryanamaskar’ in the morning and pronounce its 12 hymns those are linked to zodiac signs. This will reduce the risk of any adverse effect of heat strokes or seasonal disease on your health.

Drink water of coriander seeds to reduce swelling that hit thyroid patients.
If you are obese and bearing severe pain then place order for ‘Nari Yog Machine’ to get rid of pain & thyroid.
Vedic Amrit is the cure of all health risks as it regulates the body system adequately and properly.
Varicose veins

Do exercise by laying your head down and stretching your legs in the left and right direction against the wall. This will regulate the blood flow and reduces the lump in the veins, i.e. varicose veins.
Add salt and alum in a hot water and warm your inflamed body part with its heat. To get off swelling for half an hour.
Drink hot milk boiled with garlic in it after sieving to stay away from varicose veins.
Drink juice of salaki.