Thyroid | Sex related Problems | Health Remedies

In case you are overweight, add juice of 1-2 lemons in warm water. Overweight people can also add honey and drink it. You can tie water soaked cloth on your stomach if you are overweight. This would also help in reducing the size of your stomach.

Overweight people ought to eat chapattis made from roasted wheat, gram and barley flour, mixed in equal proportions. Drink about 200 ml juice of white pumpkin.

In case of any sex related problem, have Vedic Maharas and at night add 1-2 date, 1-2 munaka and 1 dried date in boiled milk. Sex related problems can be settled down having drunk this milk.

Also, tie water soaked cloth on your stomach and apply fuller’s earth on your stomach before bathing as per health remedies.

For white spots on your face, soak urad dal in water and grind that. Apply on the white spots. Also, avoid fried food, jaggery and sugar to keep white spots away.

For thyroid and swelling problem, drink turmeric milk for swelling and soak coriander in water and drink that water for thyroid.

For any breathing related problem, health remedies go as apply pure cow’s ghee inside nostrils and take steam of ginger water.

For curing sex related problems such as pain around naval area, apply fuller’s earth on your stomach, tie water soaked cloth on your stomach and boil Ajwain in the water and drink that water, this will help in reducing stomachache.

Also, add turmeric, aesofetida, cumin and ajwain to the butter milk and drink this to reduce the stomachache which is also one of the sex related problems.

To cure the problem of headache, drink apple juice as per health remedies. Do some yoga exercise like stretch your fingers and place both of your hands on your head and then breathe-in; bring your hands to the front and then slowly breathe-out. For good results as per health remedies, there must be a gap of about 3-4 hours between meal and exercise.